NMJ Memoirs | Lucy Elizabeth Christopher

NMJ Memoirs is a series that advocates for love for all. A series which will be filled with stories that will teach you, guide you, move you, surprise you. A series of love stories. Of human stories. 


Here, we speak with Lucy Elizabeth Christopher and asked just question of Lucy, ‘Tell us your experience with love’ and she wrote candidly and with heart.


Lucy Christopher, a writer and lover of all love.

I’ve kept a diary from a very small age, privately recording my thoughts and feelings for as long as I can remember. I have always been an extremely open person, yet still felt the need to hold tangible memories, notes and versions of life for myself. I loved the routine. I felt at ease filling blank pages, and I had visions of one day sharing the corridors of me. This naturally developed into short stories, poetry and proses over time. And now, with my first book of poetry published I feel safe to say I have found a new place for my thoughts to land, and the courage to share them. The response has been huge, and its reminded me that the more open we are, the more connections we are able to make room for.


I’ve always been intoxicated by the written word, I remember obsessively reading cd covers back to back so I could learn the words to my favourite songs before I even heard the music. I never thought it was odd. I needed to understand the story before hearing the tune. Everyone else thought it was backwards! 

I am an even balance of the introvert and the extrovert. Working in the restaurant industry allows me to interact with the world, stay in it and on the pulse. It’s loud and non stop and ever changing. So I have found a way to infuse my day to day experiences in the jungle, with a very intimate, quiet space, so I can go to that place and pour it out onto paper. I am an observer. I am constantly reflecting on scenes throughout my life which organically give me the juice to document the then, and the now. I like joining the dots. And finding new ones. I am fortunate to have friends and family who understand that dichotomy within me, and a partner who loves the written word as much as me, allowing me time and space to write.


I love writing notes and letters to the ones I love. It’s one thing telling someone how you feel or sending it in a text, but it’s a new level of intimacy writing it down so they can hold onto it and re read it as a reminder of your belief in them. Your love for them. And that even when you’re not in the room, they are forever a part of your world. 


Is a response.

To the call of another’s soul.


The hand reaches out for their hand.
The heart beats in a different rhythm.
The eyes find a brand new focus.
The breath syncs with theirs upon sleep.


Or sometimes in an instant. We hear the call.
We become aligned.


Amidst the madness. Seen.
Even in the dark.
Above the rest of them all.


It’s not like the movies.
It’s more like a song.
We become our own orchestra.
A new lyric everyday.


Somedays I’m scared I’ll lose you.
Somedays I lose myself.
Somedays we are a poem.
Somedays we can’t hear the beat.


And then you press play.
And tell me to listen.
Listen to us.
Listen to me.

Listen to us.


And I want to hear it again.
And again.
And again.


Each time I learn more.
Each time I feel more.
Each time we grow.


We sing it louder.
And start dancing in the kitchen.
It never gets old.
It’s eternally renewed.
You are my favourite song.
I am reborn coming back to you.
We are reborn coming back.
To love.


~ Lucy Elizabeth Christopher.


In celebration of supporting and advocating for love for all, we will be proudly donating to Minus18 who are changing the lives of the LGBTQIA+ youth in Australia. You can find out more about what they do here and follow them on Instagram here.

Lucy wears our Vera | Stone Signet Ring from the ‘as you are’ collection.


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