NMJ Memoirs | Michelle and Mackenzie

Our NMJ Memoirs series invites real people of disparate experiences to reflect on their connection by capturing themselves as they wish to be seen, and answering a single question: “What is your experience with love”. Our hope is that their stories illuminate untold dimensions of what it means to love, and be loved, for all that you are. For our latest edition, Michelle and Mackenzie share their story in prose, including sweeping moments of love and a leap of faith which changed everything, but also in the form of a visual diary, exploring Michelle’s love for photography and storytelling. 


The one thing I know for sure about love, is that it’s impossible to put it exactly in to words. Love isn’t something you measure in cups or teaspoons. Love isn’t any particular shape or size. Love isn’t something you reach out and touch, and it isn’t something you can see or hear. It’s nowhere and it’s nothing, but it’s also everywhere and everything - all at the same time. Mackenzie and I met online while I was living in Christchurch and she was living in Auckland and we immediately hit it off. Like, immediately. We started a conversation that never ended - only paused when we were sleeping or, say, in a meeting at work (but even then, we texted under our desks and got in all sorts of trouble).

She's the funniest person I've ever met and has this incredible ability to make me ugly laugh every day. She's so warm and kind, has a heart of gold and so much love to give and I'm so lucky to be the person who gets to receive it. Love for us is cups of tea. Its back rubs and forehead kisses. It’s a big spoon and a little spoon, and it’s two cats that take up most of the bed.We did long distance for a year and I like to think we did long distance well. On top of the never-ending text message convo, we also had phone calls that lasted hours, we watched Netflix together ("three-two-one... push play!") and little surprises sent to each other at work. I came up to see her at every opportunity and we had these precious 48 hours that we tried to squeeze as much of each other into as we could. This usually meant we didn't leave the bedroom for the whole weekend as we would just bask in each others presence, trying to forget that at 8pm I'd have to leave the warmth of her and go to the airport. Then one day, 48 hours wasn’t enough. Love is a leap of faith, so I quit my job (without another one lined up) and booked a one way flight to Auckland. Now love is sharing a home together. Love is cooking dinner together and caring for our cats and going for walks together. Love is doing the groceries together.


Love is the every day, the big and the small, the good and the bad.

With the celebration of love at the core of our purpose, here at NMJ we are committed to championing love in all forms. While today marks the final day of Sydney WorldPride 2023, we recognise why WorldPride exists and the importance of continued advocacy and support for the LGBTQIA+ community. As an ally, we honour the stories and experiences of the queer community and champion the human right to a true, free and authentic existence. Thank you to Michelle and Mackenzie and all our NMJ Memoir clients for sharing your stories and experiences with love, and we look forward to the many more human stories to come.

Captured by Tealily. Our NMJ Memoir series are captured virtually, allowing for honest portraits with genuine connection and candid moments at the helm, all within in the comfort of their own space.