NMJ Lovers | Ted and Emma

This was a NMJ Lovers moment like no other, as we captured the moment Natalie hand-delivered a very special ring to clients Ted and Emma in New York!

We work with international clients to create stunning bespoke pieces frequently, however rarely get to see the reaction when our clients lay eyes on the piece they've created with us for the first time. So when the opportunity arose for Natalie to hand-deliver a very special ring to clients Ted and Emma while we were in New York for our pop-up events, we knew it was a moment we couldn't miss.

Experience the moment below for yourself, take a peek at the stunning 2 carat Diamond Signature Solitaire and learn more about Ted and Emma's love story... 


How did you both meet? 

Ted: We actually met while we were both living in Orlando, Fl. Emma was working as an Emergency Department RN and I was working in med device sales, however, we never crossed paths at the hospital. We were both out and about with some friends after work on a Friday night at a brewery called Redlight Redlight. Somehow our social groups joined and I was locked in on Emma... I wish I remembered the play by play on exactly how I got her cell number but the beers were really tasty. I managed to strike up a text convo and scored a sushi date the following week. She checked all the boxes by the time dessert was served and I was done for after that date. Now here we are….


Share your engagement story with us... 

Ted: We were well overdue for a holiday so last Christmas I got Emma a trip to Australia (and invited myself as the +1) since she has always wanted to visit. Many times in our relationship Emma let me know that when the time came she wanted her engagement ring to be from NMJ.

For the engagement, we took a private Sydney Sea Plane ride around Sydney Harbour and the pilot dropped us off at an island beach for the day. I planned to do it on the beach but then thought… this is a problem that there’s nobody around to take a photo and document this (poor planning on my part). So, once we landed, I covertly told the pilot to take my phone and snap a bunch of pictures of us. I dropped down on one knee with the harbour behind us and the sun setting. Then we celebrated the “YES” with some bottles of bubbly!

Crazy part is that the proposal sea plane flight was supposed to be on the front end of our holiday, but the weather was bad and no planes could fly that day. So, we actually had our bespoke appointment at the NMJ studio first and met with Natalie and Em to design Emma's bespoke piece. I just told Emma that we are already over here in the Northern Beaches so might as well pick out your ring just in case it ever happens. Then, while we were there, I secretly got a really cool ring for the proposal that Emma also loves! This way when our rescheduled plane ride happened at the end of the trip I had a ring to propose with. It never goes as planned but was an awesome time… and technically Emma has two engagement rings!


You recently visited New York to pick-up your stunning ring from Natalie and Em. Other than that moment, what was your favorite part of your trip?  

Ted and Emma: Our favorite part of the New York was and always is meeting up with friends and trying out the many street festivals, restaurants and bars. We especially enjoyed our time in some friends with Brooklyn this visit.


Ted, what was the most important thing for you to consider when choosing Emma's engagement piece?

The most important thing for me was to get her something unique that she absolutely loves right now and still loves when we are old geezers. Emma, along with Natalie and Em’s guidance, designed a great bespoke piece which is unique and modern with an elegant and timeless feel. Literally everything Emma selected when designing wasn't what I was going to select...that would have been an expensive mistake. Therefore, I am seriously so grateful I chose NMJ's bespoke process and let Emma take the reigns for the design.


Being from the US, how did you first come across Natalie Marie Jewellery?

Emma: Not long after Ted and I met in late 2015, I knew I wanted to marry him so just for fun and fantasy I started looking for unique rose gold engagement rings online. I came across a picture pages into the images section of a Google search. There was a rose gold engagement ring that Natalie Marie had created. I knew if I could pick out my ring designer that Natalie would be the person that designs my ring. The character of the ring was delicate and feminine but not overly girly or gaudy; it was modern and structured without being too masculine either. My mind was made, and I started following all of Natalie’s work from then on and never even considered a ring from anyone else. It just felt right for me.


Emma, what was your reaction when you saw your engagement piece for the first time?

I don’t know if I can even put it into words. It was a rush of all the emotions, mostly shock, awe, and pure bliss. I felt like I was looking at this dream ring I had thought about for years but now it was in front of me and mine to wear and keep. Really a fairytale moment now that there was this tangible piece of jewellery representing all the love, commitment, hard work and joy we shared over the past four years. The ring immediately felt like a physical bow on our journey together. Even though I helped in the design, you still don’t know exactly what it’s going to be like when you see it and it wear once it arrives.  I have never seen a piece of jewellery so stunning and for the entire day I couldn’t stop smiling and then crying and then smiling again in this endless cycle of emotion.


What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?

Ted and Emma: We are most looking forward to having all our favourite people gathered in one of the most beautiful places (Tamarindo, Costa Rica) and really just celebrating. We are expecting everyone to treat it as a vacation and a celebration. Having all our closest friends and family around to celebrate all the love, support, and good vibes will be the icing on our ride together before the real journey begins.


PC: @jacquelynepiersonweddings