Our Founder Introduces ~ as you are
Natalie Marie Jewellery is a brand with love at its core.


We have shared in so many love stories over the past decade - between long term partners, mothers and daughters, best friends, husbands and the newly engaged. We have created pieces in memory of loved ones and as a reflection of self-love and each time, we are humbled by the depths of the human experience.⁠


Love is a universal gift, a lesson, a privilege and an honour, and playing a small part in signifying what love means to each NMJ client is something we will never tire of. Weeks and sometimes years after we finish a piece and hand it over to its forever home, our team will talk about the story and the person behind it.⁠

We are all human, but we are not the same.⁠


⁠We’ve made pieces that hold the ease of love, the challenges of love, the mountains climbed for the right to love, the joy of love. Every love story is different and that’s what makes it so beautiful.⁠ Forever and always, we will advocate for love for all and As You Are is our dedication- to every experience, every challenge, every heartbreak, every success, every happy ending.⁠


⁠As you are is an ode to love – for yourself and for one another. We hope you love it as much as we do.⁠

~ Natalie x


Intended to hold and celebrate your experiences with love, our small, curated collection is as individual as you are. Discover now.