Our Team's Favourites

The beauty of our handcrafted pieces is that each one can be imbued with such deep meaning, representing a significant moment in your life or symbolising something powerfully personal.

Slipping on the right piece of jewellery can be empowering, sentimental, and uplifting, but it can be hard to narrow down your options.

We’ve collected the items at the top of our team members’ wish lists for you to peruse, we hope they help inspire your own choices.

This beautiful Oval Bangle is a beautiful addition to my late mums’ bangles that I currently wear. As I step into the new year, these bangles signify the importance of what I treasure most - family and love.”

- Julia, Bespoke Customer Service


I treated myself to the Phi Earrings as they are so subtle and elegant. They are perfect for everyday wear here in the studio and they brighten my day from the moment I put them on – staying positive for the new year!”

- Lulu, Jeweller


I personally love the delicate  nature of the Diamond Slider Pendant. My jewellery style is quite dainty,  so wearing this piece makes me feel confident and adds a really special touch to any outfit – whether it be for every day or special occasions!”

- Steffi, Retail Assistant 


I chose the Sephira Ring as my first NMJ piece as a symbol of how far I've come, and a reminder that if I put my heart into to something, anything is possible! I love how it is so elegant, yet simple at the same time - it's perfect for any occasion.”

- Flavia, E-Commerce Coordinator 


Hand-engraving is among the oldest and most coveted jeweller's techniques. This Amor Signet features intricate floral engravings with my initial in the middle. With such a strong symbolic meaning, I am empowered with hope, courage and wisdom for 2022."

- Lingjun, Bespoke Production Coordinator


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