Painted by Nature | Dendritic Agate

Inspiration is all around us, but most poignantly in nature. As a collection inspired by abstractionism in the art realm, we looked to nature’s own abstract paintings to bring the stories we wanted to tell to life. Through the unique, painterly qualities of Dendritic Agate, each individual piece of hand-crafted jewellery speaks to the earth’s awe-inspiring art of creation.

With the blossoming dendritic forms within these agate stones resembling something you’d see on a gallery wall, the pieces speak for themselves as bold statements, becoming your very own piece of art to treasure. 

Creating your unique piece of art. 

Be surprised and let our team choose for you or contact us to select your very own unique fancy cut slice of Dendritic Agate to be set in your precious piece. 

Want to know more?

Dendritic Agate is known as the ‘Stone of Plenitude’ and is said to allow us to connect deeply with the natural world. The stone is a form of chalcedony quartz, often translucent or an opaque, milky white, and each piece holds an extraordinary natural fingerprint. Tiny plant-like tendrils of iron ore and manganese grow slowly through the stone and become miniature, painted landscapes. Dendritic Agate has good durability, making it the perfect stone for everyday wear.


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