Phases of Motherhood | Bianca

Phases of Motherhood | Bianca, Mother of Five
Captured by Amelia Fullarton

We have long been enamoured with the complexity and unique DNA of all relationships, from romantic to platonic and familial, and as Mother’s Day nears we are honoured to share with our community different stories of Motherhood.

Captured by Amelia Fullarton, we meet Bianca as she candidly shares her current phase of Motherhood. As a mother of five, no two days are the same, each filled with learning and growth. A daily reminder of what being a Mother means; to show up with love and not worry about having all of the answers or being perfect, believing that you are enough.


Tell us a little bit about yourself...

My name is Bianca, my husband is Tobin, and our five gorgeous children are Oskah 15, Ohtis 13, Phoenix 9, Iggy 7 and Cinnamin 4. I have been so lucky and will be eternally grateful that I’ve been able to be at home raising my children for the last 15 years in the Northern Rivers. I am passionate about nurturing all children into being the best version of themselves and really admire all children’s uniqueness, so I have recently decided to work towards a career in education support when our littlest starts school next year. It’s going to be an exciting new chapter for all of us!

Tell us about the current phase of Motherhood that you are experiencing...

Well, it’s vibrant and no two days are the same to say the least! Gone are the tired eyes from breast feeding all night, yet here I am saying hello to a different kind of tired! When your children are little, you really need your village, whether it’s for play dates, sleepless night downloads, a coffee with no words exchanged or just shoulders to cry on! 

I never knew how much I would still need my village, some say it gets easier the older they get but teenagers are multilayered, decisions have a lot more weighing on them, you have less control, and it can be complicated juggling little ones and big ones in a large family! Having a circle of beautiful people around us that consists of many parents and friends from not only different walks of life to us, different aged children and different ideas on parenting helps to make this current phase of motherhood feel just that little bit easier. 

What part of the day do you most look forward to?

If I’m honest, the school routine with five kids and adding in the sprinkle of after school activities, it’s nothing short of hectic and it can be hard to enjoy the small moments with my kids. Right now, one of my absolute favourite times of the day is when Oskah my eldest gets home from work late on a school night, the little ones are often already in bed and had their time with us. Tobin, Oskah, Ohtis and I often sit at the table and just talk, eat, laugh and download our days on each other. That time is simple yet having that connection with my older children, is just magic to me. I love the transforming conversations, their opinions and outlooks on life. 


Becoming a parent is transformative, what has been your biggest learning on this journey so far?

Becoming a mum at 20, I didn’t have all the answers, but I really felt like I had to. The pressure mums can put on themselves is tremendous but as I’ve evolved as a mother, I’ve slowly realised you don’t have to have all the answers or solutions for your kids. Just being present and listening is sometimes all they need.  The Sollune Necklace is an ode to the many evolving phases of Motherhood and how a Mother is at the centre of their child’s universe - a guiding light. What wisdom do you hope to instil in your children?

That it costs us absolutely nothing to be kind to one another, you never really know what’s going on in someone’s life, even if they portray perfection, happiness and that they’ve got everything covered, kindness can still be the one thing in someone’s day that gets them through.

What does your Sollune Necklace represent for you?

A reminder that even though they are growing older and needing me less and less, I’ll always be their mum and I will always do my best to be the guiding light in their universe whenever they need it.

Being a Mother Means…

Being a mother means to show up, give and love day after day without having all the answers, not being perfect but just simply doing your best.


Captured by Amelia Fullarton 

Designed as a tangible expression of your journey, our new necklace – Sollune – has been created in honour of the unique and ever-changing forms and shades that motherhood is rendered in.