Phases of Motherhood | Di

Phases of Motherhood | Di, Mother of one, Grandmother of two
Captured by Amelia Fullarton

We have long been enamoured with the complexity and unique DNA of all relationships, from romantic to platonic and familial, and as Mother’s Day nears we are honoured to share with our community different stories of Motherhood.

Captured by Amelia Fullarton, we meet Di as she candidly shares her current phase of Motherhood, leaning into being a grandmother. For Di, this is the most rewarding phase of motherhood, watching her daughter evolve as a mother and being there to support, listen and gently guide if needed. 


Tell us about your current phase of Motherhood...

Nothing brings me greater joy than to watch my daughter mother her daughters. I love the way she gently encourages their individual strengths with patience and creativity, whilst quietly instilling qualities of kindness and generosity into their emerging little selves. Since becoming a grandmother, I’ve stopped worrying! It’s the best feeling. Holly’s the main mum now. I just look at my granddaughters to know I did a good job raising Holly. Being a single working mother without role models nor my own mother nearby to call upon, made me determined to ensure her unconventional upbringing would not be lacking in enormous love and rich life experiences.

I’m proud of the calm, capable and talented young woman she has become. She is an emotionally intelligent, socially aware, natural mother; with a strong foundation of shared values on which she and her husband Nich are raising their children. It’s a privilege to be Holly's mother and to live nearby.

This is the most rewarding phase of motherhood so far. My role now is to support Holly, to be available and to listen, sometimes advise (only when asked), never judge. We have a close, intuitive relationship. I’ve always believed in her ability to know and do what’s right and I’m proud of Holly for working hard to achieve her goals. Time spent with Della & Posey is always fun and enriching. They bring out my forgotten inner child, and the world explodes with wonder again. Their boundless imagination and curiosity remind me to be ever present, and appreciate the beauty in everyday things. Life is grand, being around them.


What have you learnt from becoming a Grandmother...

I’ve learnt that my past matters more, the older I get. I’m learning to honour my heritage, which somehow got lost, being a child of migrants, growing up in New Zealand in the 60’s & 70’s, trying to fit in to a world different to my parents’ homeland. I want my granddaughters to know that the strength, wisdom and flavours of their Chinese maternal roots, are as much an essential part of their story, as their Dutch, Kiwi and Aussie ones. They are lucky to have such a rich mix of heritages in their genes.

I’ve learnt to let go of outcomes. To have gratitude for the unconventional life I have lived. To honour myself for raising a strong, resilient daughter who has become more than I imagined. I’ve learnt to be patient; that all things come good in time, if not always in the way we plan. I’ve learnt that I’ll never stop learning. And I’ve learnt to be a better at cooking Chinese.


The Sollune Necklace is an ode to evolving phases of motherhood and how a mother is at the centre of a child’s universe - a guiding light. What wisdom do you hope to install in your grandchildren?

Be kind and patient, like the person in the mirror.

There are no ceilings inside an open mind.

We learn from our mistakes– that’s how we grow.

Slow down and enjoy, especially when eating.

Listen to your mother–she knows what she’s talking about.Do you have any family traditions to hand down to my grandchildren?

Cook Chinese feasts on special occasions.

Yum Cha often with family and friends.

Keep a recipe book, a journal and an open heart, so you’ll never forget what really matters.


Being a mother means…giving and receiving the greatest love they’ll never grow out of.


Captured by Amelia Fullarton 

Designed as a tangible expression of your journey, our new necklace – Sollune – has been created in honour of the unique and ever-changing forms and shades that motherhood is rendered in.