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Christelle Scifo is the face of our latest campaign, Prairie. We have had the pleasure of working with Christelle over the years, her warmth and grace is infectious and we have been lucky enough to experience her talents first hand working with Fleurette for props at our past two shoots. We caught up with Christelle for a quick chat about all things creative, work schedules and how to stay inspired.


Tell us us a little bit about yourself?

I work as a freelancer and have my own company - Fleurette. Fleurette is the culmination of my multi-disciplined self, that enables me to create work showcasing all of my skills and all that I care about. It covers but not limited to; creative direction, set design, floral styling, still life, brand consulting, writing and photography.

I assist brands, events, places and people between Sydney, Paris and Bali to translate their language into a unique aesthetic of their own using interiors, objects, flowers, food, scent, art and music often creating the language itself. I find my eye and aesthetic is constantly evolving as I grow, travel, experience and learn with in both my work and personal life.


How was Fleurette born?

I have always had a love for fashion, flowers, beauty and culture. I grew up as a dancer, studying ballet, music, along with art and design and surrounded by artist aunts and avid gardeners, my father a chef. My childhood was filled with culture and creativity.

It happened for me gradually and quite naturally. The flowers, art and fashion were always there, I’d studied art and design in school and continued afterwards. I spent time living and working in Paris in my early twenties I was surrounded by all the beauty and culture that the city has to offer; flowers had always been a big part of my world.

On return to Sydney I was looking for a new direction in styling and creative arts. Flowers, food and fashion collided for me at this moment. My time in Paris and all that I was exposed to harness and manifested these passions; flowers, food, fashion, culture, beauty, art, design and architecture into reality.

It evolved to styling and to working with flowers here at home, learning on the job, refining my knowledge and skill along with finding my own eye and aesthetic. From there I launched Fleurette a few years ago and my aesthetic has evolved and grown ever since.


What has been your career highlight so far?

My first editorial published in Inprint magazine with Megha Kapoor was a special one. A dinner hosted at China Heights with RUSSH magazine to celebrate my latest body of work was another. Along with a handful of personal project’s and collaborations I’m currently working on. Of which I hope to build and continue to work and collaborate with like - minded and talented creatives and align myself with brands, business and causes I am personally able to invest in and truly care about. That is where you find the reward, in the beauty and bonds that are made in working, sharing and creating with others.


Talk us through a typical day for you?

No two days are ever the same as a freelancer and working with flowers as one of my mediums - mornings aren’t always such a luxury. French press / black coffee, hot water and lemon and often a trip to the flower markets makes for a very early start but always inspires. Bump in’s, call times, meetings, installations or shoots fill my mid mornings followed by a ballet class if I can fit it in between jobs!

I’m usually back to the studio before lunch, where I prep for other events and bump outs of an afternoon or evening and then get stuck into catching up on emails, creative concepts and other projects.  A swim / work out or beach walk breaks up the afternoon where time allows, followed by an aperitif in the evening, often at sunset followed by a home cooked meal and a glass of wine by the fire, usually shared and more commonly prepared by my partner. It’s those little things I most look forward to.


What is your most treasured piece of jewellery in your jewellery box?

A charm necklace of many mementos of my recent travels and dearest memories.


What is your favourite piece from the Prairie collection?

The signature Diamond Sun Ring is my of my all time favourite pieces and I love the Willow ring, so pretty. The Marquise Extra Large Loop Through Studs are my favourite statement earrings, perfect for a night out


What inspires you creatively?

Travel, books, film, music and love. I take my cues from the world around me, most often from art, history and from nature itself. I am also inspired by creatives whom I work and collaborate with and the women I surround myself with and aspire too; artists, entrepreneurs, writers, designers, photographers and most importantly my mother.


Do you have any advice on how to turn your passion into a living?

Stay true to you, follow your gut instincts and your heart. Constantly evolve and challenge your limitations, following all you love. Don’t be swayed or easily influenced but others around you. And as the old sayings go; work real hard and be kind to people.


Perfect advice! Thank you Christelle. Shop the Prairie Collection here.

pc: @samrilesphotography 


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