The Art of Adornment | Erin Maxwell


While she has 61,000 loyal followers on instagram, creative and mother Erin Maxwell is notoriously private. You won’t often see her face on her feed and a quick google will bring back just a handful of results. You won’t see her walking the red carpet – despite being married to a professional athlete, and on a recent podcast with Offline Erin described her family as being just really ‘normal’. 

Erin is protective of her family, disinterested in being an ‘influencer’ for the sake of being an influencer and is one of Australia’s original creatives and bloggers. In 2010, Erin launched Love, Shop, Share – a lifestyle blog that was Erin’s outlet for her love of fashion, styling and photography. Fast forward to 2019 and she’s just launched The Maxwell Note, an evolution of her original blog in a way, which is now a creative content studio where Erin specialises in digital storytelling. Having worked with the likes of Country Road, Mecca Cosmetica, La Prairie and Dyson Hair, Erin has a way of authentically and effortlessly bringing brands and stories to life.

We were so excited to see our latest collection, Eau, adorned on Erin and even more excited that she agreed to share with us a snippet of her very private life. We hope you love this chat with Erin as much as we did.


Name and Location:

Erin Maxwell, Melbourne Australia.


Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I am a creative and photographer that owns and runs lifestyle site, The Maxwell Note.I am a Melbourne girl but from the age of 10, I grew up on the coast in Ocean Grove. After school, I moved back to Melbourne and I’ll be here to stay.

I am a mother of three amazing kids Milla, Archie and Raff and we are lucky to have our main man Nick as our rock. Nick and I have been together since we were 18 -true love!

What three words best describe you and why?

Loyal  - as I am all in and would do anything for my loved ones.

Compassionate - I am proud and glad that I genuinely care about people and most all of the time, I put others before myself.

Perfectionist - Mostly when it comes to my work and if something is set in my mind to do and be a certain way, I will stop at nothing to get it to that level.


As a creative, what inspires you / your work?

Travel is a massive inspiration for me and when we get away once a year, it gives me a recharge and clears the mind. When shooting in Europe and living ‘the life’ isn’t an option, my daily inspiration is simply my lifestyle and the items and moments that are around me. I find beauty and inspiration all around me in regular moments and daily decisions. Magazines and photography have always been a big part of my life too. I find inspiration in both.


What are you currently reading / listening to?

I’m always listening to Offline the Podcast and I love to read Cereal Guides and other travel magazines – mostly to prepare for our trip this coming October.


What do you do to get into ‘work mode’?

Music on, clean space, mood boards and a plan of attack is always helpful. I like to have books and magazines around to get inspired as well.


Best advice you’ve received?

Don’t worry about things that you have no control over and concentrate on what you do.


Best lesson you’ve learnt?

Please yourself and live up to your own expectation of what you see as success and happiness. Don’t compare yourself and your story to someone else’s.


Which pieces of jewellery are you always wearing?

I always have a gold ring necklace on and love to layer it up (so my new Kadhi Necklace is a great addition!) I never take off my wedding, babies and engagement rings and I usually wear a gold stud or small hoop earring. I’m more of a fine than a statement kind of jewellery girl.


What do you love about these pieces from our latest collection, Eau?

I love the Kadhi Bangle as it is fine, simple and can be layered with other pieces I love such as my Cartier Love Bangle. It is super delicate and easy to wear and I have not taken it off since it arrived. I have white gold and diamonds in my engagement and wedding rings so the gold and beautiful colouring of the Smoky Quartz in the Baguette Trio Ring is a great contrast to those. I love to mix my metals.

PC: Erin Maxwell