NMJ Lovers | The Signature Solitaire Series | Casey & Pete

In celebration of our Signature Solitaire Capsule Collection, we connected with our past clients who worked with us on creating a bespoke solitaire design that was truly reflective of their love story, and whom it was being created for. Casey & Pete share a modern day love story - what started with a simple ‘poke’ on Facebook led to an unforgettable first date and a love and connection like no other. Pete proposed with our Fine Round Band, allowing the solitaire design to evolve further with Casey involved; a thoughtful and special touch that nods to their collaborative relationship style to always make decisions together.
Just two weeks after Casey and Pete were engaged, they found out they were pregnant with their beautiful little Willow, who was on the design journey with us the whole time. Here, Casey & Pete tell us about the most memorable moments in their relationship, why jewellery sparks joy, and why the sentimental sapphire design gave Casey so much joy and strength through childbirth.


NMJ: So much of what we do at NMJ is centred around love and it is an honour to be involved in your love story. Tell us, where did it all begin for you? 

Casey: Our love story first started when Pete 'poked' me on Facebook - it is funny to think about the way we met but we started chatting and he asked me out on our first date - as soon as I met him it was like electricity we were inseparable ever since. We spent our first date drinking Sailor Jerry’s at our local bar I was so nervous and probably drank way too much to calm the nerves. I was head over heels for him and as soon as I met him it was love at first sight.

Pete: Casey walked straight through a puddle on our first date! She was knee deep in water I asked if she wanted to go home and change but she shrugged and brushed it off! She is that kind of girl - walked through a puddle for me! From the moment I met her I knew I was in trouble, it was love at first meeting for me too.


NMJ: At what moment did you realise you had found your forever person?

Pete: From the moment we met. Casey got in my Ute, smiled and we just connected straight away - it was instant chemistry.

NMJ: Your thoughtful approach to design is so special. You proposed to Casey with our Fine Round Band, allowing the design to evolve further with both of you involved. What made you decide to take this approach?

Pete: I knew how much she loved Natalie Marie Jewellery and we had talked about a sapphire for something different. I wanted her to have the perfect ring, but also one that we could make together. I proposed with the base ring so she could use it as a starting point for the one we would design together. We always make decisions together and are a team, so this was the perfect way for us.


NMJ: How did Pete propose to you? What elements of this special moment do you remember the most?

Casey: Pete took me on holidays to our favourite spot in the world in NSW North Coast. We had shared so many beautiful memories together there it was our special place. He took me up to the lighthouse at sunset where we had sunset drinks and got down in one knee over looking the ocean and with tears streaming down his face it was the most beautiful moment and perfect for our laid back style. I remember the look on his face and the tears and just how emotional it was for both of us. It was pure joy and the most precious moment.

NMJ: You both worked with our Bespoke Designer, Sophie, on choosing the perfect stone - what made you choose a dark blue Sapphire? What is it about this special stone that you personally love? 

Casey: I loved being involved in the design process as it meant we could create something from scratch that reflected us and that we both would love. Working with Sophie was a dream she guided us and was so amazing at helping us decide what we loved most. The blue sapphire is just beautiful and we wanted something dark and deep so that it would stand out. The stone we chose really reflects us and is so different and unique - we love it.


NMJ: Jewellery has a special meaning to everyone. It can evoke feelings and memories of loved ones, and it can lift and elevate an overall look with ease. What is your first memory of jewellery and what does jewellery mean to you today?

Casey: Jewellery has really only recently come into my life. Since meeting Pete I have never had beautiful pieces like I do now. For milestone birthdays and Christmas, Pete has spoiled me with beautiful Natalie Marie earrings and I now have a collection of beautiful pieces that reflect our love, so for me jewellery is about love. These pieces were bought in love from him and he is the only person who has gifted me with beautiful pieces of jewellery which bring me so much joy.

NMJ: What did you love most about working with NMJ? What moments of this experience hold a special place in your hearts? 

Casey: It was so special working with Natalie Marie jewellery as it was a really memorable moment in time for us we actually found out we were pregnant just 2 weeks after we were engaged so we had so many beautiful things to celebrate! While designing our ring we found out we were pregnant so it’s so special to think our little girl Willow was in my tummy while we chose all these elements she was part of our journey the whole way and while giving birth I had my ring present that gave me so much joy and strength. I wouldn’t let them take it off it because was so important that I had my ring on during the whole time as it reminds me so much of her father and our love.


NMJ: At NMJ, at the heart of everything we do is love. Tough question, but tell us, what do you know about love?

Casey: I know that love is never selfish. Love is all things good in the world and that there is many types of love; Pete and I have just discovered love for a child and our beautiful girl Willow which is just mind blowing.

Pete: Love is a promise and commitment to your person that is given freely, fully and without hesitation.


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