NMJ Lovers | The Signature Solitaire Series | Luke & Ang

In celebration of our Signature Solitaire Capsule Collection, we connected with our past clients who worked with us on creating a bespoke solitaire design that was truly reflective of their love story, and whom it was being created for. The love story of Angela and Luke, began in the first five minutes of meeting each other - it was that instant. The fun, and adventurous relationship they share is beautifully reflective of the ring that Luke chose for Angela; a rare Parti Sapphire that, in Luke’s words, resembles Angela’s eyes, and the cheeky, rebellious side that they both have inside of them.


NMJ: So much of what we do at NMJ is centred around love and it is an honour to be involved in your love story. Let's go back to the beginning, how did you meet?

Ang: We met at a pub in Port Douglas, QLD while traveling in July 2017. Luke was in Port Douglas for his best friend’s sister’s wedding and I was backpacking with my best friend, Paige. Luke spotted me from across the bar and came to sit with Paige and I. We chatted all night and when all the bars closed we walked to the beach. At 5am we parted ways and Luke said I was his girlfriend. Luke spent hours in the early morning trying to remember my name and searching for me across all social media platforms. He found me, and I was excited to find a message from him a few days later. We spent a magical night together in Sydney during my layover back to the US. I came back to Australia 5 months later to continue our love story.

Luke: I saw Angela’s beautiful, long blonde hair out of the corner of my eye in a bar up in Port Douglas. I was alone out on the town the night before my best friend’s sister’s wedding. After a few beers I went and politely asked if I could sit with Angela and her best friend. After 5 minutes of chatting I knew I had found something special. The rest is history.


NMJ: What do you love most about your life together today?

Ang: We appreciate every moment we have together and live our lives to the fullest every day. I love how we motivate one another and fuel each other with positive energy. We are best friends so everything is fun no matter what we’re doing!

Luke: Today, the best thing in our lives is each other. Everything we plan together we follow through. We achieve all our goals because when we say we are going todo something, we get it done. Our commitment is our word and our word is our bond. No matter how big or small the task is or the time it takes. We’re always looking forward together, appreciating the moment and grateful for our past.

NMJ: At NMJ, we believe designing a forever piece for your partner means conceptualising a design reflective of your love story and the person receiving it. What role did NMJ play in helping you bring your concept to life?

Luke: NMJ did an exceptional job in creating this ring, from sourcing the stone and setting it to the ring. A truly breathtaking piece. Angela is off with the fairies every time she glances at it.


NMJ: How did Luke propose to you? What do you remember most about this special moment?

Ang: The night before Luke proposed he told me there was going to be a large migration of whales passing through Freshwater between 6 and 8 in the morning. Last year I missed what was apparently the best whale migration sighting because I was at work. I’m not much of an early riser but I was motivated to get out of bed that morning at 5am to see some whales. Luke and I grabbed coffee and then made our way to Freshwater reserve. Luke wanted to take a photo at sunrise so he set up the tripod, I watched patiently for whales. Little did I know Luke had the ring in his pocket and was preparing to propose. At sunrise we posed to take a photo and Luke dropped to one knee and said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and asked me to marry him. I was so surprised! We popped champagne with best friends who knew what was happening and snuck up behind us to capture and share our joyful moment. I remember feeling at ease and peaceful that morning, and thinking how lucky I am to have a partner that loves to create special memories for us.


NMJ: Stones such as the Parti Sapphire that you chose, hold such personal and sentimental value to the wearer. What is it about this stone that you loved for Angela?

Luke: The Parti Sapphire I find unique as it is one of the hardest natural stones used in jewellery. Australian sourced, in the top far west corner of NSW, and a top contender on the scale of rare stones. The colours in this stone resemble the colours of the bluest and greenest oceans and rivers, reflections in the sky, and the colours of my now, newly engaged fiance’s eyes. The yellows and sunset oranges bounce out of the centre of the 14k gold ring it’s set on, and it also has a dark streak through it that resembles a cheeky rebellious side that we all have inside of us. This piece is strong and durable, and built to last. Another reflection of our relationship. A true testimony of how we got here today.

NMJ: Jewellery has a special meaning to everyone. It can evoke feelings and memories of loved ones, and it can lift and elevate an overall look with ease. What is your first memory of jewellery and what does jewellery mean to you today?

Ang: Before meeting Luke I never really had any special connection to jewellery other than wearing it to decorate myself. Now that I’m engaged my ring embodies who I am and who we are as a couple. It’s a very special feeling to have a stone unique to our love and which will be passed to future generations that we are destined to create.

Luke: I was a page boy at my parent’s wedding and the ring bearer to my father when I was just 6 years of age. Jewellery is treasure and resembles a fairytale story once gifted and committed to each other. Treasure that Angela wears with pride not only on her finger but also on her heart, knowing that she has found her equal.


NMJ:​ At NMJ, at the heart of everything we do is love. Tough question, but tell us, what do you know about love?

Ang: Love is a form of energy. I believe that love is the strongest power in the universe. It motivates us and allows us to adapt and learn how to cope with the ebbs and flows of life. Love is limitless in generosity, kindness, and purity. When we access the energy of love we feel whole and healthy, and able to give more of ourselves to others.

Luke: After having found Angela and committing to this next chapter of our lives, I feel I could write “The Book on Love.” I do know there is a lot to know about love in many categories of love itself. I could go on all day about our love, Angela and I. Though I won’t give away all the secrets about love or the perfect relationship and key aspects to love. However, I will share a brief description on how love should be considered... Love is time, maturity, and personal sacrifice. It’s putting your loved one first, above all circumstances. It’s also mutual in that respect, so even though you are acting selfless in putting your loved one first, that selflessness is reciprocated, so you are always on top, no matter how you perceive it.


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