The Stories NMJ Signets Hold | Eugene Tan

Handmade by our talented and thoughtful team, our signet rings have become an NMJ favourite when it comes to gifting for fathers and father figures - not only because of the tradition of the signet and its connection to family for our customers, but because, for us, we get the honoured opportunity to create something precious and entirely unique.


We handcraft every single piece of NMJ and with our signet rings, we also have the option to engrave or personalise with subtle hidden stones. It’s the little details that make each piece unique, individually telling a family’s story in a personal and significant way. We recently had the honour of creating three individual and personalised signets for three incredible fathers so we took the opportunity to found out more about their family life, lessons they’ve learnt and the story that their NMJ signet holds for them.


Here, we chat to Eugene Tan.


Dad to Jet (9) and Spike (6), Eugene Tan is the Founder & Photographer of Aquabumps. He lives in Bondi with his wife Deb and two beautiful boys. A lover of the ocean, photography and surfing, Aquabumps is a combination of all Uge’s interests, plus it means he gets to do what he loves with his family beside him. For Uge, we made a custom signet with external engraving and internal hidden stones (his boy’s birthstones).

Tell us about your children, what are they like?

Jet is 9 and is our eldest, he’s a dreamer – full of energy, loves to surf and skate. He reminds me of me when I was his age – not that interested in school – but if he finds something he’s interested in he’s very passionate about it. 

Spike is 6 – very smart. Charming, cheeky and super observant of everything around him. Also loves skateboarding and surfing – has incredible ability & style for both at such a young age.  


What has been your favourite age in the parenting journey so far?

I’ve loved all parts of being a parent – but probably now, they love the things I do and so we get to enjoy those things together. Surfing on the weekends with my boys in the line-up makes me extremely proud.


What surprised you most about fatherhood?

That your children see the world open up before their eyes right in front of you – I love the way they learn and the questions they ask. Oh boy – do they ask a lot of questions. 

Was there anything your father taught you that you have passed down to your own children?

My father was a calm mannered man, I try to be this way for my children as much as possible. My father is also a Buddhist (He’s Chinese) – so there’s a calmness around him. I’ve tried to get that stillness inside my children – but at the moment – they are wild!


How would your children describe you?

They call me “PHOTO TAKING MAN” – as I always shoot. I work a lot, in fact all the time, so I reckon they’d call me hard working. I think they like that I skate and surf with them – my father never did that, he was always working.


What is your favourite thing to do as a family?

We’re beach bums, so all year round we’re at the beach together. A long day in the ocean, surfing, swimming, climbing rocks, digging holes in the sand followed up by our family tradition, the sunset drink (they get a special drink) as the sun goes down. 

At Natalie Marie Jewellery, we believe that jewellery has the power to tell a story, what story does your signet tell? 

For me, my signet is a representation of my children. Life was forever changed the day they were born and having their birth stones on a ring that I now wear every day is a reminder of our boys and the family Deb and I have made together.


What is the one lesson you hope to teach your children? 

The harder you work, the luckier you get. 

Nothing comes easy, so stick at it – work hard.

While Father’s Day isn’t until September here in Australia, the design and completion of each handmade piece at NMJ can take up to four weeks so it’s the perfect time to reach out to us and start creating something significant for the men in your life. Contact us here to begin the conversation. 

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