The Stories NMJ Signets Hold | Ross Capsanis

We recently had the honour of creating three individual and personalised signets for three incredible fathers so we took the opportunity to find out more about their family life, lessons they’ve learnt and the story that their NMJ signet holds for them. 

Here, we chat to Ross Capsanis.


Dad to Theo (2) and Maya (2 months), Ross is a sales manager based in the city. His morning ritual includes “loading up the pram, going for an early morning walk to check the surf, grabbing a coffee and enjoying the morning sun” and he loves to surf, exercise and get outside as much as possible – which is why he calls Freshwater home. For Ross, we made a Square Signet with a unique stone setting featuring black diamonds to represent his two children.


Tell us about your children, what are they like?

Theo is nearly 2 and is full to the brim of energy. He is always on the move, always looking to run and always with a smile on his face. He is very independent, always wanting to try things himself. This is balanced out by this lovely gentle nature that continues to surprise me. If ever I’m feeling lazy, I know that Theo will be the one to get me up and about and out the door to take on the day. 

Maya in close to 2 months and the differences are incredible. Much more delicate, loves to be held and quickly developing her own beautiful nature. She doesn’t like to be left out or facing away from what’s happening in the room and quickly reminds us she’s around when Theo takes all the attention!


What has been your favourite age in the parenting journey so far?

The past 6 months with Theo have been incredible to watch. His curiosity develops every day. He’s trying new things, discovering different objects and talking more and more. Having him start to understand what I’m saying and respond in his own way means we can bond even more over activities we do throughout the week/weekend. It’s really special. It makes me excited to think of how much more he has to develop, and even more excited to know that I get to see Maya develop the same way over the coming years. 

What surprised you most about fatherhood?

The fact that every day is different and the ability for both Theo and Maya to change, literally overnight, has been the biggest surprise. Of course, some days are more difficult than others, but watching them both do or say something that they’ve never done or said before can blow you away. The constant shift in their development and growth throws surprises when you least expect them! 


Was there anything your father taught you that you have passed down to your own children?

My Dad taught me the true importance of family and that prioritising those closest to me will be the foundation for everything else in my life. Although young, ensuring they both understand the value of supporting each other is something that Barbara and I want to instil in them both as early as possible. 


How would your children describe you?

I hope they see me as fun, loving and caring! I try (as much as I can) to match Theo’s energy and encourage him to keep being the active, fun loving, little boy he is. Both of their personalities rub off on me and I try to be as positive and encouraging as I can be every time we’re spending time together. 

What is your favourite thing to do as a family?

Walking down through Queensie lagoon, grabbing a coffee, checking the surf and having a play on the sand or at the Queenscliff playground is by far our favourite thing to do. I look forward to our walks every weekend and I can’t wait for summer to come so we can head down to the beach when I get back from work. I’m also counting down the days until I’m pushing them both on their first waves at freshwater!


At Natalie Marie Jewellery, we believe that jewellery has the power to tell a story, what story does your signet tell?

The signet tells the story of my journey so far as a dad - it’s a daily reminder, especially while I’m at work, as to why I do what I do each day and who I do it for. When things get stressful, or I’m having an off-day, having the signet as a reminder of Theo and Maya at home without a care in the world puts everything into perspective. 


What is the one lesson you hope to teach your children?

To always look for the positive in any situation. A positive attitude leads to kindness, care and gratitude. I truly believe that if they can grow up and deflect the abundance of negativity that can often be thrown around in today’s world, they’ll radiate positivity out to all of those around them. To stay positive, and remain positive, is something I hope to teach them as they continue to grow. 


While Father’s Day isn’t until September here in Australia, the design and completion of each handmade piece at NMJ can take up to four weeks so it’s the perfect time to reach out to us and start creating something significant for the men in your life. Contact us here to begin the conversation. 

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