Bespoke Signature Solitaire with a approx. 1 carat white diamond

Our Graphic Designer, Kristen, is so authentically herself, she naturally brings such joy and light to those around her. With creativity at the core of everything she does, it is Kristen's magic which brings our newsletters, range books, social content and more to life. 

With her grounding presence, love for the world around her and genuine approach, get to know more about Kristen below...


Who do these hands belong to? 

Kristen or otherwise known as KP the graphic designer at NMJ!


What is your role at Natalie Marie Jewellery and how long have you been on the team? 

I am a part of the marketing team at NMJ as the graphic designer. I have been a part of the amazing team for 8 months.


When did you first come across Natalie Marie Jewellery? 

When NMJ opened their little Avalon studio in MacMillian Court and became a fan on Instagram ever since.  

Kristen Sutherland Graphic Designer at Natalie Marie Jewellery at Avalon Beach, Sydney

Describe a typical day for you…. 

I always start my day by getting outside and being active by the water. I then take my dog Alby for a walk and play at the park. Home for breakfast, relax and get ready for my day. I ride my bike into work which is a great way to start, I arrive at the office and catch up with the team before jumping into my days’ work.

I’m very lucky with my role as every day is different! It always involves being creative, it can range from creating EDMs, creating content, designing range books, shooting our beautiful bespoke pieces or new collections, the list goes on! I end the day by getting home and being greeted by my over excited dog and go enjoy the afternoon/evening with my partner.


What is your most treasured piece of jewellery? 

It would have to be my engagement ring that my husband designed for me! Also, the ring I wear on my right hand featuring four white diamonds represents a special milestone and means a lot to me. The style of this ring actually reminds me of the Macie Ring from Natalie Marie.


What is your favourite Natalie Marie piece? 

Oh gosh that’s a hard one, there are so many but the Diamond Cluster Ring is a stand out for me!


Where would we find you on the weekend? How do you unwind? 

When life is busy, I crave downtime so you will normally find me at the beach with my partner, walking our dog, reading a book or drawing by the water in the sunshine on Pittwater or on an adventure with my partner up or down the coast enjoying a trail walk/run, bike ride or surf.

Kristen Sutherland's hands typing on a grey Mac keyboard wearing White Gold rings


Coffee or tea? How do you take it? 

Normally a coffee girl, but I am loving an almond sticky chai at the moment.


Beach, city or mountains? 

Beach 100%! I love the ocean but I do love mountain adventures and being in nature, it’s a great way to disconnect.


What inspires you? 

I find inspiration around me everyday in everyday things but people who are unapologetically themselves and carve out lives to pursue the lifestyle they want to lead inspires me the most. 


Who are your favourite creatives, thought leaders, etc. today?  

Tess Robinson, Gemma O’Brien and Yvon Chouinard. I love how Tess and Yvon push the boundaries, they both have such a down to earth purpose driven approach to business and that’s what makes them totally inspiring.


If you could live anywhere else, apart from Sydney, where would it be?

If I was to stay in Australia it would be a small town on the south coast of NSW but definitely Italy! 


What are you most grateful for? 

My partner and the amazing experiences/adventures we have been able to have so far and for pushing me to be the best version of myself, and my family and friends.


What's one thing that can instantly make your day better? 

Jumping in the salt water or just seeing the horizon and the ocean!

Kristen Sutherland sitting at a desk on working her graphic designer magic on two computer screens

If you were not working at NMJ as a graphic designer, what would you be doing?

I love being able to be part of this team and being creative everyday but if I wasn’t a graphic designer I would definitely be a marine biologist at Exmouth and Ningaloo reef, researching and swimming with all the amazing marine life everyday!


What is the best piece of advice you've been given?

Life is not a dress rehearsal, you need to go after what you want, and always make the time for new experiences.


What is on your wish list right now? 

Another sailing adventure in Europe or the Caribbean.


What is your favourite gemstone?

My favourite gemstones are Australian Blue Sapphires. They remind me of the ocean.

Kristen Sutherland sitting on the right talking to her colleague on the left


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