These Hands | Sabel

From initial inspiration and sketches, to developing the concept with the wider team and refining the design details with our jewellers, did you know the entire NMJ family work across each of our our collections? 

The process can take up to 6 months - our design team gather together, start sketching out ideas and sourcing stones to then make a single sample of each piece to ensure the designs make sense in real life. 

There are brainstorms; Team meetings; edits, adjustments, costings and supply chain review and then, we finally complete the collection with careful consideration, bringing together pieces we know our customers will adore. 

As a process close to our hearts, we wanted to share some of the work behind the scenes of our newest collection, Sabel, launching next week and for the first time, tell the story of how it all came together. Find out how it’s made, who is involved, which hands worked on the new collection and of course, take a sneak peek at some of the incredible designs. 


First, our designers Natalie and Em begin sketching. As shapes, forms and details start to develop on paper, they begin exploring the stones which will suit the newly formed collection story.  Sourcing these stones is always an involved process, generally we find rough material and then have the collections shapes custom cut. 



The wider team then come together to view the final sketches and begin planning to bring the collection to life. Madi and Ella from our production team begin ordering materials for sampling, Natalie and Em begin working on the creative direction for the campaign, El and Emma from the marketing team start building the collection story and our General Manager Daniel starts putting multiple wheels in motion pre production roll out.



Meanwhile, Designer Em will then demonstrate to our skilled team of jewellers how to create the new pieces, a hands-on process to ensure the team can confidently create each piece to the finest detail, from millgrain detailing to exact measurements and stone setting.



Jewellers Matthis, Maria and Millie are often the first hands to start creating our new collections. We create just one final sample of each piece in the collection to reducing waste, and then once the collection launches, each piece is handmade to order just for you.



Ash then quality checks each piece individually by hand to ensure they are perfect and exactly to the specifications set out by Natalie and Em.



When it’s finally time to share the collection with you, our Retail Manager Issi creates the display in our showroom (while trying on her favourite pieces along the way!).



These are the hands from our NMJ family who together brought Sabel to life. Launching Tuesday 25th February, we are extremely proud of this collection and can’t wait to share it with you. 


PC: @tealily