Your Introduction to Grey Spinel and the Savannah Sunstone

At NMJ, storytelling is such an integral part of the brand and we take great pride and care in crafting each piece for our customers, understanding the value and significance that they hold. We want to bring to life our customer’s story as much as we want the inspiration of our collections to come to life in their pieces. We are so inspired by the stories of others, moments in history, art movements and beautiful, untouched landscapes; all of which are the starting point of each collection. As the ideation behind each collection evolves, we delve deeper into the origins of stones, metals and diamonds in search for elements that reflect a modern day heirloom. We take into account the unique characteristics that contribute to a collection telling a story, but more importantly, take the conscious steps to ensure every element is sourced ethically and sustainably.


Our newest collection, Idaho, was born from the Wilder Stone, which is available exclusively from the mid North West in America. It’s shape took on that of the landscapes around it, with interesting curves and textures that really connected with our vision. Ironically, when it came to producing Idaho, we weren’t able to receive this stone in time, but it still all came to life through our considered Savannah sunstone and grey spinel. We custom cut these gemstones to mimic the glow of sunlit plains, while statement forms and signature wirework take inspiration from the rugged mountains, coursing rivers and untamed forests in the wild heart of the Northwest.


Here, we share all there is to know about our beautiful Savannah sunstone and grey spinel.


Savannah Sunstone

Brightly sparkling and buttery yellow in appearance, the Savannah sunstone is a natural, untreated stone that has been sourced ethically from our partners in the USA. Specially hand-cut for our Idaho collection, the Savannah sunstone boasts an iridescent effect when viewed from all angles, as it refracts light between each and every layer of the stone. Evoking an elevated sense of luxury when intertwined with our signature fine wirework and statement shapes, the Savannah sunstone is beautifully versatile, and can be worn on it’s own or paired effortlessly with both gold and silver jewellery due to the crisp and neutral aesthetic.



“The Savannah sunstone mimics the early morning, fresh golden light beaming down on the wide-open plains of the Idaho region. The stone is quite crisp and clean in appearance, and works harmoniously with delicate wirework and abstract forms.” 


Grey Spinel

Distinctly opulent in appearance, the grey spinel stone is a natural and untreated stone mined in the South East Asian region of Burma. Grey spinel is a perfectly neutral grey, with only a slight blue tinge; it is a dominant yet elegant stone. Our Idaho collection accentuates the natural brilliance of grey spinel with luxuriously detailed contrasting diamond halos, both bold and delicate wirework and custom-cut shapes that nod to the rugged ancient landscapes and untamed natural elements. In essence, the stone reflects the sky before the hues of dawn flood the sky.



“Idaho is notorious for mountainous landscapes and vast swaths of protected wilderness. For us, grey spinel was the perfect representation of ‘wilderness’; sometimes dark and complex, but always beautiful.” 


Created by hand from recycled Australian-mined materials, our Idaho collection is designed to be treasured and worn with love. Perfectly delicate details pair with bold lines and statement textures, making each piece a welcome addition to any cherished collection of personal modern heirlooms.