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A mothers love is one of the greatest of all. Every mother, beautiful and unique in their own ways, has a significant influence on who we are today. A lifetime of advice, the warmest of cuddles, and a love so profound, that it can only be felt with the heart.

In celebration of our guiding lights and shining stars, we spoke with two of our own, Zinovia, a soon to be mother, and Julia, a mother of two. This conversation is imbued with love and honesty and is a gentle reminder of how special mother figures really are.


Tell us, what are the attributes you love most about your own mothers?

Zinovia: It’s hard to put into words really, my mum is one of the most selfless people I’ve ever met. I’ve always looked up to her raising 4 children from such a young age. I’m very thankful for the way both my mum and dad have brought us all up together. Even now with 5 grandchildren and another 2 on the way she’s a superstar.

Julia: Yes I feel the same about my Mum. I am the youngest of 3 and I am sure taking three children anywhere was a challenge as, let’s face it, you only have two hands. Mum was so supportive of everything I did and encouraged me to have a go at everything. She was always there to boost me up if I felt challenged, or celebrate with me in my success.

Zinovia and Julia sitting at a wooden table laughing and having tea and muffins


What are the greatest lessons you've learnt of motherhood so far?

Julia: I have learnt what it means to love someone with complete disregard for my own well-being and that no matter what, the safety and happiness of your children means more than anything else in your life.

Zinovia: To be honest, this is already completely true for me too. From day one you are no longer concerned with your own well-being, you are concerned about this little life that you are responsible for. My life has already changed so much, since the start of my pregnancy. I am no longer my number one priority and it's so strange how natural it feels.


Zinovia, what are you most looking forward to once your baby boy is born?

Zinovia: I’m looking forward to so much... but to finally hold him and see him wriggle around in person is going to be the most amazing feeling. Feeling him kick and wriggle around now is the most amazing feeling. I can only imagine how special it’s going to be in person. I just can’t wait to meet him!

Julia: I remember when my first baby, Cameron, wriggled for the first time in my belly it was so strange and beautiful all at once. I was very bewildered with the concept of creating another human being.

The personality they develop is such a wonderful thing and so different with each child. And dressing them is so much fun! Are you all sorted with his bedroom and a pram? I had so many prams over the years it was like a new handbag!

Zinovia: We are going well! We have had a lot of fun creating this space for him. We have all the bulky items (pram, bassinet and changing table). We just need all the small but very important items, which knowing me I will wait until the week prior to pick everything up.

A grid of Zinovia wearing a Yellow Gold Shani Ring and the Polaris Necklace from Natalie Marie and standing in a lush back garden looking down on her baby bump and hugging Julia in the next image


As a Mum of two, what is the one piece of advice you would give mum-to-be Zinovia?

Julia: Realise your mothers’ instinct is real and strong and always trust it no matter what the circumstance. Also, nothing is ever too embarrassing - just be you in front of them as they will then be themselves in front of you.

Zinovia: I love how you say that because I’m so in awe of the special relationship you have with both your children, you can really see that you are truly great friends and I admire how you’ve built this honest, genuine relationship with them. I’d love to know how to balance being a friend and a mother as well?

Julia: I have always been very open with my children and how I communicate with them about life, the good, the bad and the ugly. I wanted to prepare them for everything and have them know they could tell me anything and call me anytime when they were teenagers. This then allowed us to be friends yet maintain a respectful parent child relationship as they have grown into young adults. I am that Mum that all my daughters’ friends come to and talk to which is amazing.

My kids tell me "Mumma’s hug fixes everything' and to me that is one of the most rewarding things of being a Mum.


Did you commemorate the moment your children were born with something special to keep or pass down? 

Julia: We have so many photos from when the kids were born, and I have a diary as well with all their firsts. My kids love looking back at the photo albums often. I have a Yellow Gold Bangle I was given when I was born, and I passed it on to my daughter. Are you going to design yourself a piece of jewellery from Natalie Marie to celebrate the birth of your little boy?

Zinovia: Oh yes absolutely, I haven’t quite decided just yet because I love everything, but I am likely going to get the beautiful Mae Pendant with the initials of his first name, to start!


How do you hope your own children would describe you?

Zinovia: I hope my children describe me as I would describe my own - or even as half as good would be an achievement.

Julia: Kind; fair; fun; strong; loyal and moral.


A grid of Julia and her daughter sitting on a cream coloured couch looking at photos and hugging each other

What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

Julia: I celebrate with my Mum and show her love and now understanding of what it means to be a mum; the joys; the worries; the fun as well as the late nights up waiting for the kids to come home. Now I understand what it all means.

Zinovia: It's so easy to take all the work mums do for granted and Mother’s Day for me is to acknowledge this and show them how much it is appreciated. As you get older you realise how selfless mums are, and all that they go through to bring up their babies. It’s so important that we acknowledge this!


How will you be celebrating Mother's Day this year?

Julia: I will treat my Mum to a coffee and a muffin and hope that my kids remember it’s Mother's Day, and bring me a cuppa tea in bed.

Zinovia: Very pregnant, but likely to be spending it with my own mother and grandmother. Next year, however, will be a whole new ballgame.


A close up of Zinovia's and Julia's hands holding a cup of tea and both wearing a Polaris Bracelet handmade by Natalie Marie Jewellery

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