2020 Bushfire Aid Initiative | The Golden Wattle

As we faced the devastation, it was important to us as it is to all in our community, to support the affected communities and wildlife in any way possible. Like so many, the donations we have made didn’t feel like enough, so our team came together to brainstorm what else we can do, how we can use our skills and what we do every day to raise awareness and provide another channel for our community to donate to the emergency funds.

This brought us back to a conversation around why we started this business, and that is to create pieces from the heart, with great sentiment and meaning. That is, a piece that can be cherished and passed down to future generations - a modern heirloom.⁠

In response to this emergency we were proud to release the Golden Wattle pendant, hand-engraved with Australia’s national floral emblem – a piece that would become an ongoing symbol of unity and resilience. 100% of proceeds from sales of this piece went directly the Red Cross and WIRES emergency funds, to support the vital work that these charities were doing on the ground.


While our hearts ached, we were also inspired by the outpouring of compassion, generosity and support demonstrated both locally and globally, so we wanted to create a symbol of this hope, a representation of all that it means to be Australian. Our aim with this piece has been to create an on-going representation of hope, support and community for you to hold close. 


With 100% of the proceeds of our Golden Wattle pendant going directly to both the Red Cross and WIRES emergency funds, in just 30 hours our community raised $124,200, with donations coming from over 11 countries.⁠ It’s a reminder that with unity, comes resilience and hope.⁠

⁠The Golden Wattle remains ones of our best-selling pieces to date, and through this pendant we continue to donate 15% of proceeds, continually adjusting our focus, paying close attention to the existing and arising challenges that are facing many across the world.


Learn more about the impact of the Golden Wattle below, or invest in your very own Golden Wattle, knowing that 15% of proceeds being donated to charities that are working towards a brighter future.