IMPACT – Partnership Africa Canada

While we do our utmost as a business to leave the smallest possible footprint on the environment, we also always strive to do more. We proudly work with IMPACT - Partnership Africa Canada, a well-established charity focusing on regulatory and legal reform, supply chain transparency, illicit trade and financing, gender equality and environmental stewardship in the precious metals and gemstone mining industries.

IMPACT envisions a world where resources contribute to equitable peace and development, and where communities are empowered to decide how their natural resources are managed.

We are sharing 1% of total online sales to IMPACT of every online sale processed via our online store, in an effort to support and give back to communities affected by mining in the jewellery industry.

“Our theory of change is founded on a belief that responsible natural resource management requires local leadership and ownership to be lasting and meaningful. We also understand the importance and effectiveness of collaborating with allies to create or nurture political will when needed.” – Joanne Lebert, Executive Director of IMPACT.

To learn more about our partnership with IMPACT, you can read our insightful interview with Executive Director - Joanne Lebert here. If this cause resonates with you, we encourage you to donate directly to IMPACT - Partnership Afriica Canada.