Alex & Beth

Beth and I met in Cornwall at university in 2012 and started dating in 2014. We spent an amazing year together in Cornwall for our last year of university and loved every moment of living by the beach and exploring the coast on day trips together. We moved to Bournemouth (where Beth grew up) to live together in 2016 and have been here ever since. 

So for the proposal I knew it had to be Cornwall as it would bring back sunny memories of first dating each other. I made an itinerary a year in advance and hand drew visual clues for each day - we had a week long holiday and each morning would give Beth her ‘clue card’ and she would have to work out what we were doing. 

On the proposal day we packed up and moved out of our hotel room. I was so nervous having breakfast I could hardly eat and I went and sat in the car waiting for Beth to be ready (probably giving the game away)! We drove to the beach where we had our first real date, Bedruthan Steps (on the North Coast of Cornwall) and walked down to the cliff edge. I took some photos, the sun popped out from behind the mist and I was about to get the ring out of my bag when a whole family with dog, children and kite came flooding over the path meaning we had too much of an audience. So I packed up the camera and we pressed on further along the footpath to the next headland where I finally proposed. Safe to say we both sobbed and it was a very special moment!

After the proposal I took Beth to a spa afternoon in watergate bay. We then headed back to falmouth - where our friends were hiding - which features in the video where everyone is toasting drinks on the sofa. It was amazing and Beth had no idea they would all be there! We then spent 3 days all together exploring, reminiscing about our time at uni together and just having the best time! 

The ring design was something we had spotted on the Natalie Marie Instagram and loved the classic simplicity of it. We knew that it was timeless and wouldn’t go out of fashion as it has such an effortless style. I went for a white gold setting to help the diamond look like it was floating above the yellow gold band. Safe to say Beth is thrilled with it and doesn’t stop banging on about it to anyone who wants to know! 

~ Alex