Louise and Alexander

“In these strange and uncertain times, it is important to hold onto the things that you know to be true. One of those things is that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We got engaged on a small beach at church point with all of the things that we love to share together: champagne, cheese & bickies and the beach. This served as a reminder for us that while our circumstances can change, love is not fleeting and cannot and must not change.

We came to NMJ because we were looking for a jeweller that had more than just a passion for beautiful jewellery. With a small and select group of suppliers, NMJ has a deep ethical conviction and cares about protecting the people that produce their wonderful stones. Our bespoke designer embodied the NMJ philosophy - she had an infectious passion about perfecting our design (who knew that you would find someone more passionate about your design than yourselves!) and seamlessly walked us through the process of designing our ring, selecting our stones and choosing a matching wedding band. She brought her wealth of knowledge to the table to enable us to operationalise our vague ideas into a tangible design on paper and the final piece that we love today.” - Alexander