Sam and Maddie

“The inspiration for the ring comes from a few ideas of rings you guys had previously made and I workshopped ideas of what she wanted with her two sisters. I knew she wanted the stone to be Moissanite and a gold band so that was pretty straight forward. The emerald set in the band is to represent her daughters (my future stepdaughter’s) birthstone which I got the idea when my sister sent me one you had previously made with a gem set into the band. 

When it came to the necklace I was as much asking her daughter Emerson if she wanted to be a part of my little family as I was asking Maddie to marry me so I needed something I could gift her at the same time. A necklace was logical as something she could both wear now, and for years to come. It obviously then made sense to set an emerald in it and make it the same gold as her mother’s ring.

When it came to the engagement, I thought it was more personal and romantic to do it in a setting that was special to us rather than a grand gesture at some lookout or beautiful place that held no meaning. So, one of our favourite times is having a lazy morning in at home and making my pancakes and coffee. It’s significant because the first time she stayed over at my place I got up and made it for her and it’s also become Emerson’s favourite food I make her, so it held a special meaning for the both of them and me as well. In terms of a date I had no major plans other than I wanted to do it before our upcoming trip to New Zealand as I knew she had a suspicion I’d do it there (which proved true). So when I found out the week it was ready I picked it up as soon as I could and did it the very next day, luckily enough that was the only day we all had off together until we go to New Zealand. She was shocked I did it but once she got over that she eventually said yes and so did Emerson when I presented her the necklace, and they’ve been enamoured with them since.” - Sam