Rue Pendant | Teal SapphireA woman wearing the Rue Pendant in Teal Sapphire

Rue Pendant | Teal Sapphire

$2,800 AUD
9ct Yellow Gold


Explore our collection of necklaces, brought to life in a variety of styles, lengths and materials. Drawing upon historical understandings of the necklace – crafted originally from natural shells or stones, then fashioned from beads and metals – each piece is designed to connect the wearer with their own unique story.

The gold necklace holds a special part in the Natalie Marie Jewellery curation, from our Figaro fine jewellery necklace to our minimalist Mae necklace. The diamond necklace, similarly, is a popular item in our community – our Sena Slider Necklace is a delicate expression of this category.

For clients new to the realm of necklaces, there are many ways to embrace the design. One of the most admired types of necklaces is the pendant necklace – featuring a single pendant that hangs from a chain or cord (such as the Dotted Mana style or Aneid Necklace). Pendants can be crafted from a variety of materials including white, yellow and rose gold or sterling silver, and are also ideal for personalisation services such as engraving and the addition of birthstones.

Though many people style necklaces as central, statement-making pieces, we love to apply the same principles as with rings and and layer pieces to represent significant or sentimental milestones.

For inspiration for your next necklace purchase, explore our range of pendant, fine chains and personalised necklaces, or pair your perfect piece with our curation of bracelets, earrings and rings.


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