Learn About Materials


Australian Gold and Silver

The majority of NMJ pieces are created using solid precious metals. NMJ works largely with 925 Sterling Silver, 9, 14 and 18 carat Gold, Rose Gold and White Gold. Some pieces are created using 14ct Gold or Rose Gold filled. Each individual product listing specifies its material components.

We use a combination of recycled and new materials, depending on the requirements and supply. We recycle all of our studio scrap and excess for reuse, and purchase a large portion of our materials, specifically Sterling Silver via our local supplier who deals solely with recycled material.

Any new Gold that we use across all of our pieces is certified as 100% pure Australian Gold. We are guaranteed this as we use a single source which refines and manufactures solely Australian Gold. We are proud to consistently provide quality and consistency in this sense, along with a guarantee of sustainable and ethical mining and refining practise in line with our brand ethos.

Gold and Rose Gold 'Filled'

A handful of NMJ pieces are created in 14ct Gold or Rose Gold 'filled' sheet, wire or chain. These materials have exactly the same aesthetic and behavioural properties as solid Gold and Rose Gold. 'Filled' refers to solid Gold/Rose Gold bonded with heat and pressure to a core layer of base metal. Every surface of the jewellery piece is 14ct Gold or Rose Gold, but using this filled material makes pieces more affordable. Gold/Rose Gold filled pieces should only need an occasional light buffing with a soft cloth to restore shine.

Please consult our care guide to understand how best to care for your piece.