What is 'bespoke'? – Natalie Marie Jewellery

What is 'bespoke'?



For Natalie, working on special, one of a kind commission pieces is one of the best parts of her work. It is always a pleasure to work closely with clients towards creating the perfect piece - Whether it be an engagement ring, wedding ring or just a gift to yourself.

Natalie Marie pieces are thoughtfully designed, carefully engineered and lovingly handcrafted. As a classically trained goldsmith - material quality, workmanship and attention to detail are of the highest standard.

Natalie understands how important the process of creating a special piece is, which is why throughout the journey from design to completion, your main point of contact as the client is Natalie herself. Personal service and open communication result in an involved and personal experience.

With a distinctive yet multifaceted style, Natalie brings an original and creative approach to designing pieces. This, teamed with her honed skills base and ample resources, results in one of a kind pieces - ready to become hand me downs.

Design ethos

Natalie’s very unique style is a result of years of experimentation, design play and artistic exploration. An arts background, including a fine arts degree at Sydney College of the Arts, has given Natalie a unique approach to jewellery design, one that is not constrained by traditional approaches.

Natalie’s designs range from fine, delicate, clean lined pieces - to intricately detailed organic creations. An open mind, an inspired vision and a passionate energy are the key characteristics which make the design process exciting and most importantly fulfilling for both client and designer.

These characteristics, along with honed expertise, are employed across each and every project. From the initial discussions, throughout production, and through to to the completion of the piece - resulting in a gratifying and personal experience.

Quality, craftsmanship and originality are at the forefront of the design ethos, with pieces handcrafted with love to stand the test of time. Natalie believes that jewellery should be laced with thought and sentiment, qualities which will continue through generations with the passing on of precious heirlooms.