a part of you | A film

Jewellery is about more than its aesthetic  - perhaps it tells of the bond between lovers, celebrates a milestone, honours a treasured relationship or commemorates a moment in time. Whatever your story, Natalie Marie Jewellery is designed to be cherished by you and then your loved ones, forever. It's the kind of jewellery that becomes a part of you.


The Story of Kristen

Authentic and inspiring Kristen Sutherland is someone who makes decisions with heart. After facing challenging health issues in her 20s, she chose a life that felt true to who she is and what she needed. We spoke to Kristen about what love means to her, how she's learned to practice self-care and we found out a little more about the meaning behind her NMJ Sonder Bracelet too. Read the story of Kristen, here. 

The Story of Nia 

Nia Neve is a thoughtful and joyful part of our customer service team. She's also mum to two beautiful daughters and sees her Mae Pendant by NMJ as a reminder of "that time in life, that I took a crazy leap of faith and landed here at NMJ. Nia shares a little about her story of motherhood, the things she's learned and the things she hopes to pass on. Read the story of Nia, here.  

The Story of Jamie, Louie & Dida 

How we are brought up, the influences we have and the people around us all help to shape who we grow to be, and the story of Jamie Vlatko is a beautiful example of a strong family bond, shared values, grace and resilience. We spoke with Jamie about what he's learned from his beloved father and grandfather, what he hopes to pass on to his own son and we find out more about about the story his new Guardian Chain will hold. Read the story of Jamie, Louie & Dida, here. 

The Story of Elle

No language can express the power of Elle's love for Tor, so it was an honour to capture a few special moments between them. Elle wears the Sonder Bracelet  with 7 individual elements to represent Tor's life path number. 

The Story of Zin 

"Heirloom jewellery means more to me now than ever before. As soon as Harry was born, I created a piece to celebrate his birth, it has so much sentimental value already and I hope a piece that can be passed down to generations to come," ~ Zin

The Story of Isobel & Beth 

Our Bespoke Consultant at Natalie Marie Jewellery, Issi Schofield, shares an extremely close bond with several strong women in her family. We chat with Issi and her gran, Beth, to find out more about growing up together, what they love to do as a family and the significance of heirloom jewellery. Read the story of Isobel & Beth, here. 

Captured by ~ The Noun Collective