a part of you | Isobel & Beth

For Isobel, one of our bespoke consultants, strong women form the foundation of her family. Issi is fortunate enough to walk through life with the support and love of these women, sharing a close, unwavering bond with her family. We interviewed Isobel and her grandmother, Beth, who reminded us about the depths of love in all its forms.

Family love is protective, constant and unconditional, as demonstrated by the enviable and inspirational relationship Isobel shares with her mother, grandmother, great grandmother and two aunties.

On the journal, Isobel and Beth talk more about growing through the times together, what they love to do as a family and the significance of heirloom jewellery.


Isobel ~

How would you describe the bond between the female generations in your family?

I have been lucky enough to be able to grow up with my extended family from the moment I was born. I guess for me its quite hard to put into words how grateful I am, and how lost I would feel without it. To have 6 women surrounding me, each of which is completely different in so many ways has really helped shaped me into the person I am. The strength shown from my mum, my grandma, my great grandma and my two aunties in all different situations has taught me how to be strong in my own situations. The bond, in relation to this, is definitely strong. To be brought up by all of these wonderful women is something I would never change.


What are some traditions passed down from your grandmother and/or great grandmother that you hold close to your heart?

A tradition a find particularly special is birthdays. Without fail, my family will always spend eachother’s birthdays together. Its generally nothing too special, a barbecue, a picnic, a birthday song, always at someone’s house. Its normally whoever can make it, a couple of facetimes, presents. I hold these celebrations close to my heart because they’ve always been. I don’t know birthdays or celebrations without it. My great grandma lives in Queensland, so whilst now its trickier for her to be there, there’s always a few phone calls and letters sent back and forth. I wouldn’t change a thing about spending that time together, it’s so important to me.

How would you describe the love you have for the important women in your life and how do you think it differs other kinds of love?

That’s a tricky one, mostly because I feel like I can’t put into words that type of love and its strength. I think maybe because there is another level of admiration and respect I have for these women in particular. I sometimes imagine my life differently, without family for example, or if we weren’t as close, or lived further away, and its heartbreaking, which I think explains it well enough. It’s a love I don’t think I could imagine myself living without, and it’s a love I hope can be passed on to future generations of our family.

Beth ~

What is your favourite thing to do as a family?

My favourite thing is definitely taking family holidays together. We recently went on a holiday altogether to Hawaii. We have family living in LA and it has obviously been such a long time in between seeing each other. To have everyone together was a joy like no other. Our grandkids are growing up so quickly, and the relationship with each other is next to nothing. It was so special to watch, and to be a part of the laughs, the adventures, the dinners and breakfasts and everything in between. We sometimes take these things for granted, but this trip really reminded me not to.


What does your Sonder Bracelet mean to you?

The Sonder Bracelet  brings tears to my eyes as it reminds me beautifully, every day, how lucky I am to have such a close and loving family. I am lucky enough to have a bead to represent each woman in my family - myself, my mother, my three daughters and my beautiful granddaughter. Each of these women are incredible for different reasons, and whether a generation above, or two generations below, have taught me something in their own way. I feel lucky to be constantly learning from each of them, and I feel lucky to be able to use the Sonder Bracelet as a reminder of this.


At NMJ, we believe jewellery should be a considered purchase and create our pieces so that they can be passed down through generations, telling the stories of family who have worn them before. What story will your Sonder Bracelet hold?

The story of love shared over many years and generations. The joy that having so many beautiful family members, all of which love each other so much. I hope it continues to act as a reminder, and to bring up that emotion, to how important family is.

The pieces which tell Isobel & Beth's Story ~ The Sonder Bracelet, Polaris Bracelet & Oval Bangle. 

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