Discover Sollune – an expression of motherhood

If they are your world, then you are their moon.

Designed as a tangible expression of motherhood, our new necklace – Sollune – has been created in honour of Mother’s Day. Occupying a special place in our hearts, Sollune was crafted to recognise mothers at all places on their journey towards parenthood; to honour those who live through the darkest phases of motherhood – loss and longing – and those who are discovering deeper, richer, otherwise unknown facets of themselves; to make the unceasing orbit between a parent and child.

Here, we are delighted to bring you the inspiration behind Sollune, inviting you into the design process, sharing where inspiration first sparked and our hopes for how this piece is held in your heart.

Just as no pathway to motherhood is walked twice, each perspective of motherhood is unique from the next. And assigning language to this experience – to the unceasing devotion and magnitude of motherhood – can feel, at times, unfathomable. It is to become reborn yourself, altered beyond the realms of time and space. To exist in a private universe; a place where children are the world and mothers, their ever-present moon. To enter into new and changing conversations with yourself; to live in phases. “For me, motherhood feels like expansion, growth and surrender; grasping the present moment while already missing the one that just passed,” says founder Natalie Fitch.  

"This piece is close to my heart, and in designing it, I really leant into my own experience with motherhood so far. From the journey to becoming a mother, to the early days with a baby in my arms, and now in the most recent chapter sending my little girl off to school. Each chapter is a beautiful blur of joyful moments, aching hardships, and bittersweet milestones.”

The poem by Sarah @matrescentmuse  summarises so much of this sentiment for our founder Natalie, and has since served as inspiration behind the piece:Designed to commemorate the emotive, complex, deeply personal, awe-inspiring and revelatory experience of motherhood, Sollune is the epitome of the journey, the back and forth, the highs and lows and the all-encompassing emotion of a mother’s love. 

Sollune is our first articulated piece, spinning in two directions and moving fluidly with the wearer. It is hand engraved with our own custom designed artwork, encapsulating the sun, moon and stars sentiment making it the perfect storytelling piece for all mothers, mother figures and mothers to be. 


Discover the Sollune Necklace - designed in celebration of Mother's Day.