Intended For Greatness

A thoughtful curation of handcrafted treasures intended as gifts for the special people in your life.
Tailored to suit a myriad of occasions; from fine jewellery designed as an ode to your soul friend, ready to ship gifts for when love just can't wait, to diamond encrusted modern heirlooms to mark an anniversary, each laced with sentiment and intended for marking precious moments.

Curated for timelessness in mind, these consciously crafted gifts are perfect expressions of your milestone.


Ready To Ship

For when love can't wait. Sacred gestures meet forever keepsakes, with pieces ready to be gifted and worn today.


Milestone Markers

A subtle expression of sentiment – shared with a loved one of kept close to your heart. A milestone marker is a piece that takes you back to that moment in time and forever carries with you that chapter of your story.


Gifts for Mothers

We offer sentimental pieces that represent the experience of motherhood, tokens of appreciation to gift to the many women in our life that have taught us, nurtured us, and have shaped who we are today.

To exist in a private universe; a place where children are the world and mothers, their ever-present moon.


Gifts to Personalise

Like a love note left in secret, initials etched into a park bench or hidden tattoo, sometimes the most discrete gestures of love linger the longest.


Gifts for Him

Contemporary meets classic in this edit of pieces for him - for fashion, personal expression, or cultural significance.


Gifts for Anniversaries

On this day, the beauty lies in the small details. Curated for timelessness in mind, these consciously crafted gifts are perfect expressions of your milestone.

An assemblage of elevated heirlooms that celebrate and make tangible the formative milestones in life.


Gifts under $600

For something a little bit extra this season, explore our selection of mindfully crafted keepsakes, designed to commemorate the year’s milestones or be kept close at heart.


Gifts under $1500

For a little more than ‘just because’, this edit features quality gemstones and artful construction. Instant heirlooms for the close at heart, including bangles, statement diamond earrings and diamond bands.