Why We Only Create In Solid Golds & Silver

“Ultimately, we are creating pieces with the intention of [them] outliving the client”.

It’s this tried-and-true approach, as shared here by our Founder Natalie Fitch, that lies at the core of everything we create. It’s this promise of longevity that we’ve kept through the twelve years we’ve been perfectly crafting our precious pieces.

“We’ve explored and we’ve tried and we’ve tested and we’ve worn,’ explains Natalie. In wearing, and living in, each piece we create, we’ve truly come to understand what it takes for a piece of jewellery to stay with us throughout our lives, and beyond.

In this video, Natalie and our Head Designer, Shona Macdonald, explains the importance of crafting our jewellery from solid gold.


Our Most Loved

Physical expressions of love exchanged with those we hold closest. For when words can’t quite match the gratitude.