Introducing, Yesterday, Today.

Worlds collide in our exclusive new One-of-a-Kind collection: Yesterday, Today.

Evoking the best vintage design techniques, brought to life through our lens of conscious craftsmanship, these unique designs are conceived as true modern heirlooms.

Our first exclusive drop features 11 pieces inspired by vintage jewellery motifs, a mixture of One Of A Kind designs and limited-edition pieces, for this collection, we turned to vintage jewellery motifs; in particular the intricate, ornate features that shaped the 1700s-era Rococo movement.Using nature as a wellspring of inspiration, the period celebrated love, youth, drama and movement, manifested in curved, flowing lines and a luxurious brand of femininity. In approaching this new, exclusive collection, we drew upon the aesthetic imagination of the Rococo artisans and brought it to the present day, resulting in a harmony of modernity and classicism.

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Heritage meets
contemporary craftsmanship.
meets everyday wear.

"The inspiration for this collection focused around the use of motifs in vintage jewellery. We were particularly inspired by the ornate and intricate detailing as part of the Rococo movement of the 1700’s. Curving, flowing, curling lines, radiating femininity and luxury.Rococo arts are known for their depiction of love, youth, drama and movement with details often inspired by nature. We found the wildness and sentiment of this movement inspiring, and therefore built our collection around some of its many themes."

- Shona, Head Designer.

"There is an interesting observation made in a piece published by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, I found this exert particularly inspiring “These designs [Rococo] were largely intended for craftspeople and designers and were hugely influential in disseminating the Rococo style. Rather than copying the entire design, woodcarvers would mine them for inspiration, cutting them up and adding their own ideas.” I felt that this summarised so succinctly what we are trying to achieve in our Yesterday, Today collection. Drawing upon the beauty of artisans past to celebrate craftsmanship, design and jewellery through the ages."

- Shona, Head Designer.


Step Back in Time

Vintage holds a special place in the heart of our founder, Natalie Fitch, in the DNA of our own designs, and in our pursuit of a more sustainable, circular jewellery economy. Now, we’re honoured to share this love with you.