Inside Natalie's Jewellery Box
Jewellery’s capacity to elicit connection, emotion and joy lies at the heart of what we do, so it feels particularly special seeing which pieces have carved out a place within your hearts and permanent collections. Here, founder Natalie Fitch guides us through her own personal jewellery curation; from the never-take-offs to her most precious family heirlooms.


Milestone Markers

We have long believed that jewellery holds deep and lasting personal significance. See first-hand the pieces in Natalie’s collection – gifted by others or self-made – that have marked her own milestone moments, such as the arrival of her daughters or celebrating the first decade of her business.

Natalie: A piece doesn’t have to be engraved or marked with a special stone to mark a milestone – a milestone marker can be anything that takes you back to that moment in time and forever carries with you that chapter of your story. 

Jewellery is so unique in that it’s with us and kept close throughout day-to-day life, for decades or even lifetimes. It has the potential to travel through generations, down family lines and in between people - carrying sentiment, heritage and stories. Jewellery’s innate value is held in those stories, weaved into both the physical and energetic sense of the piece.

A milestone marker is a piece which has some tangible connection to a moment in time, not always in an obvious way – the beauty is often in the subtleties – the discreet connections that are solely yours. I have a vintage ring I bought in New York on my 30th birthday from a tiny vintage jewellery store in Brooklyn. The ring itself doesn’t represent anything about turning 30, but the memories and story attached to the process of discovering the ring is forever a part of the piece. It’s a reminder of the last trip my husband and I took before having children - probably last without kids ever! The excitement and charm and swirl of the city and the milestone that was turning 30, all wrapped up in a ring.

Natalie has marked many moments to-date, commemorating chapters of love and loss to friendship milestones and celebrating ten years in business – all equally significant and precious. Two of Natalie’s most precious pieces in her collection mark the arrival of her daughters, Willa and Ottilie.

Baby Bangle 

Baby Bangle

Natalie: I had a baby bangle growing up, which I was gifted at my christening -  my mum kept it safe and gave it to me as an adult.  I always wanted to create something special for my girls, a piece they could wear and grow with. Both have been gifted a yellow gold baby bangle on their first birthday, with their name and a star set diamond – so special.  

My girls are two and five years old and they both wear and love them – and I hope they will continue to until they are in their teens. The beauty of the baby bangle is that its extendable nature means it can be tweaked in shape to accommodate anywhere from a babe in arms up to a teen. The girls will then have the opportunity when they eventually outgrow their bangles, to extend them into full adult sized bangles, or melt down the gold and create something new. Or maybe I will just hold on to them like my mum did with mine, as a precious keepsake.

Fingerprint Pendant

Natalie: Daniel – my partner in life and business -  surprised me with Willa’s fingerprint pendant when she was still a baby. It was such a thoughtful and meaningful gift and is something I will treasure forever. He took a print of her tiny finger and actually had the lines hand engraved onto the pendant – making the level of detail absolutely incredible. He later surprised me with Ottie’s pendant after she was born. I love that they are different in shape and form, and that they will forever be a reminder of their tiny fingers that used to wrap around my own.  

Both pieces can be made through our bespoke service and echoing Natalie’s thoughts, we believe any piece can tell the story of the wearer and become a milestone marker. If you are hoping to weave further sentiment and story into your next modern heirloom, we suggest exploring our collection of milestone markers below:


Family Heirlooms

A cherished heirloom passed down through family or loved ones holds a unique significance. Whether it becomes a piece that is worn everyday or is kept safe in a jewellery box, they inherently become a prized possession. Natalie shares with us her most treasured family heirlooms, including a signet ring gifted from her husband’s family to commemorate their marriage and a ring that signifies her family unit, destined become a future heirloom.

Family Heritage Signet Ring

Natalie: The history of the Fitch family crest dates back centuries. Daniel’s parents are British and the heritage of the Fitch family crest dates back through his paternal lineage. As a tradition that predates any living generations, every member of the family is given a gold signet ring with the family crest embossed when they reach eighteen. In my case, I was given the honour of owning my own Fitch family signet ring on our wedding day. We spoke to Daniel’s dad in detail about the significance of the family design on our journal, a few years back.


Bespoke Millgrain Ring

Natalie: When Daniel and I had our second daughter, our beautiful team created and gifted us each matching Millgrain rings. The ring is a collection piece, our Millgrain Wedding Ring, band has been customised to include four diamonds set at North/South/East and West points on the outside of the band. Inside the band, in the correlating positions, is the initial of each of our names. This ring means so much to us both, as it acts as a representation of our family unit and each of us individually. I will treasure it always and know it will stay a part of our family for generations to come. 

Everyday Collection

Our founder likes to I keep her everyday collection “quite simple and practical”. From her favourite ring stacks to earring rotations, see how Natalie styles our creations for her day-to-day, with some of her favourite never-take-offs below.

Dali Ring

Natalie: The Dali Ring is one of my ultimate favourites of our collection pieces. I love that no two rings are alike, and mine is the perfect mix of organic form and unexpected symmetry. I love the tactile element of this ring and find myself fiddling with it or spinning it often during meetings, it has a beautiful full feel, and comfortable weight. 

Golden Wattle Necklace

Natalie: I love my Golden Wattle Necklace, this design is really nostalgic for me, I remember so clearly the day that we launched the pendant and the huge, unexpected impact it had. We raised over $125,000 for the Australian Bushfire crisis in just 24 hours. It was such a humbling experience, a real reminder of humanity and the power of coming together.  

Organic Hoops

Natalie: I wear my Organic Hoops everyday, layered with other hoops, or studs, or simply on their own. They’re understated but elevated and I love their imperfect form. They’re comfortable and wearable and I am even contemplating a second pair so I can wear them twice at the same time!

Vintage Finds

Vintage design aesthetics and a respect for traditional craftsmanship techniques have long been key pillars of our brand DNA. It’s no wonder that our founder Natalie has an affinity for sourcing unique and treasured pre-loved pieces. Not only are they imbued with the histories and emotion of their past owners, but they provide an opportunity to embrace sustainable purchasing habits – offering once-cherished designs a second (or third) lease on life.

Natalie: I have always had a love for vintage jewellery, or vintage anything really. I used to spend hours in op shops collecting all sorts of odd finds – furniture, clothes, hats, even once a vintage suitcase which I used to transport and display my first ever collection! I love the mystery and enigmatic nature of vintage pieces, the opportunity for speculation on their history and journey. I also have a deep reverence for the incredible craftsmanship many of these pieces hold. So much tradition and heritage is held in every tiny detail. I not only collect vintage jewellery myself, but source the vintage pieces for our clients. The opportunity to restore and breathe life into these pieces is such a privilege, adding a new chapter to their story is profoundly rewarding.


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Milestone Markers

Discover our curated collection of pieces intended to honour life’s most important moments. A thoughtful curation of pieces designed to weave further sentiment and story into your next modern heirloom.