Introducing Terra | Styled in collaboration with Lee Mathews

Design inspiration is found in myriad places, and our role as creators is to translate the conceptual into pieces you’ll treasure forever. For our five-piece Terra capsule collection, we looked to Mother Nature as muse.

Echoing the natural world’s evolving temperament, the collection’s name – Terra – derives from the Latin phrase “Goddess of the earth; the earth itself”.

We love collaborating with likeminded Australian brands and iconic fashion designer Lee Mathews shares our creative sensibility; seeking inspiration in the realms of art, design and craftsmanship. Her pieces evoke a similar creative perspective to our own collections – unifying classic silhouettes with unexpected details, with an emphasis on luxurious wardrobe staples.

Join us as we pair the Terra Collection with pieces from Lee’s latest collection.

Terra Necklace | Diamond

An extension of our organic design sensibility, this special Terra Diamond Necklace pays homage to the perfect imperfection of the elements; to the natural world’s perpetually shifting, changing and evolving beauty. Handmade to order in 9ct yellow, rose and white gold, this silhouette is intended as an elevated everyday classic – a unique yet timeless addition to your personal curation. 

Terra Bracelet | Diamond

As part of our new five-piece capsule collection inspired by the ever-shifting landscape, the Terra Diamond Bracelet has been designed as an elevated addition to your everyday jewellery wardrobe. Shaped from organic forms, each dotted with a sparkling oval white diamond, the bracelet is handcrafted to order in your choice 9ct yellow, rose and white gold, with each element echoing the irregular beauty of the elements.

Terra Hoops | Diamond

The Terra Hoops honour the duality of the everyday, featuring a timeless silhouette intended for an elevated everyday classic. Born with mother nature as muse and shaped from organic forms, suspended from each hoop is a sparkling oval white diamond, handcrafted to order in your choice 9ct yellow, rose and white gold, with each element echoing the irregular beauty of the elements.

Terra Chain Necklaces

The natural world serves as a rich resource for inspiration – incomparable in its composition; unfixed in its nature. When designing our new Bold Terra Chain Necklace and Fine Terra Chain Necklace, we sought to echo Mother Nature’s evolving temperament. The result is an artfully organic formation – designed to be worn for days, seasons and years to come. Discover this style across both their fine or bold form, in your selection of either 9ct yellow, rose and white gold.


Celebrating the irregular beauty of the elements

When it comes to personal style, few are as coveted as that of the designer Lee Mathews. With the help of Lee’s ready-to-wear collections, we hope you feel inspired by the ways to mindfully style your Terra pieces with your everyday wardrobe favourites.