Natalie Marie employees smiling into the camera and wearing the latest NMJ collection

At Natalie Marie, sentimentality is at the heart of everything we do. We create countless pieces in celebration of important milestones and precious moments. Our clients stories inspire us to celebrate our own successes no matter how big or small.

While success is defined differently for each of us, it's always important to create space to pause, reflect and celebrate – Join us, as we share some of our favourite ways to celebrate life accomplishments.


Spend time with loved ones

Love and connection are two of the things that matter most to us at NMJ, so it’s no surprise that when it comes to celebrating accomplishments, we turn to those closest to us. Not only that, but celebrating your wins with loved ones can help them to reflect and recognise their own.


Show your appreciation

Had a little help to get to your goal? Include your supporters in your celebrations, it shows those around you that their help is valued and appreciated.


Don’t forget the small wins

You don’t have to only celebrate the big accomplishments, recognising smaller wins can have a big impact too. Celebrating smaller and more immediate tasks helps us to build confidence and momentum – both for future tasks or to get to one ultimate goal.


Practice gratitude

While it’s always a good idea to practice gratitude, it’s especially important when you’ve achieved something you’re proud of. Take a deep breath, feel into the moment, be thankful for where you are, then set intentions for what is next. Celebrating your wins and pointing out the positive actually starts to train your brain to focus on other positive things.


Our latest collection, Nanjing Road, is inspired by the art deco era and is an ode to the pioneering women of this time, whose strength and femininity encouraged a bold new way of thinking that has continued to inspire through the ages. Inspired by their quiet courage and uniquely feminine tenacity, we were driven to reflect and ask ourselves – when have we felt our most successful?

We discovered that defining moments of success for each of us were made up by not only the life-changing achievements, but the smaller milestones as well. below we ask some of our staff to share their moments of success.


Q: When have you felt your most successful?


Kartyja NMJ bespoke customer service wearing the Ruan ring and smiling into the camera

Kartyja | Bespoke Customer Service | wears the Ruan Ring

When I decided to travel and move interstate solo to working on creating something for myself, it was a period of so much learning and adapting.


Melanie working in bespoke customer service wearing the Jia ring and Lai bracelet in yellow gold


Melanie | Bespoke Customer Service | wears the Jia Ring and Lai Bracelet

When I acknowledge how much change I have adapted to and can see all these changes reflected in my evolved self.

Helen, NMJ inventory manager wearing the Pan earrings in yellow gold


Helen | Inventory Manager | wears the Pan Earrings

I always feel the most successful when the team come to me with questions or for advice! It is such a beautiful feeling to know that I can help other team members learn and grow their careers within the best industry in the world.


Maxime, the NMJ  e-Commerce coordinator wearing the Fei ring with Morganite and the Lai ring in yellow gold


Maxime | E-Commerce Coordinator | wears the Fei Ring with Morganite and the Lai Ring

I felt most successful when I finished my bachelor degree while relocating to Australia. These were two huge life events that happened simultaneously, and I was incredibly proud when I knew I had pulled off both.


Nia, our customer service assistant wearing the Lai ring in yellow gold integrated in a gorgeous ring stack


Nia | Customer Service Assistant | wears  the Lai Ring

As a parent, I feel glimpses of success when I see my girls show empathy, kindness or appreciation. This totally beats any success I’ve ever felt through personal goals or achievements and gives me hope that maybe all the nagging I do is being heard after all!


Katie, our NMJ dispatch manager wearing the Fei ring with black spinel in yellow gold


Katie | Dispatch Manager | wears the Fei Ring with Black Spinel

I have felt the most amount of success when I sing in front of an audience. I am very shy about performing in front of anybody so overcoming my anxieties gives me a great sense of pride and achievement.


Vinny, our NMJ studio jeweller wearing the Ailing cuff ring on his pinky


Vinny | Studio Jeweller | wears the Ailing Cuff Ring

I feel my most successful when I am able to help others accomplish their goals!


Shona, our NMJ jewellery designer wearing the Jia charm necklace in yellow gold


Shona | Jewellery Designer | wears the Jia Charm Necklace

I think I am actually at a point in life where I feel most successful right now. I find it hard to recognise and celebrate my wins, but when I look at the past couple of years and everything I have achieved - I’d say I’ve done alright! Moving my life to Australia has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. The highs have been high and the lows low. But, I am so proud of myself for taking this leap, chasing my career goals and creating a life that I feel so lucky to live. I guess that is success to me! 


Nisi, our NMJ studio jeweller wearing the wide milgrain wedding ring


Nisi | Studio Jeweller | wears the Wide Milgrain Wedder

When I'm collaborating...or when I finish a project that I started two years ago!


Ebony | Showroom Assistant | wears the Ailing Earrings

I think my greatest moments of success have been felt in the mundane. i find it really empowering to overcome my own personal hurdles and goals, even if they are small! whether it be powering through a tough uni assessment amidst feelings of intense stress, staying patient when i feel tired or even nailing a new recipe i’ve being trying to perfect, i find it’s an accumulation of the little things that make me feel most successful.


Photography: Courtney Gold Photography