2022 | A letter from our founder, Natalie.

While another year draws to a close and we look forward to another, we welcome the opportunity to reminisce on the year that was. 2022 was a year of creating, collaborating and getting swept away in exciting ideas. It was a year of distinct maturity, conscious creation, and transparency. All the while, it was also a year which presented unexpected hurdles, questions, challenges, and difficult decisions.


With plentiful ups and downs overcome, ready to face it all again in a new year; we can sincerely say that our hearts are really and truly in this. From the tireless work of our team to the ongoing support of our cherished community, we are continuously humbled by the unwavering support of those around us. While we proceed to navigate through territories old and new, we thank you for being a part of our journey.


This year, we focused on creating solely for creations sake. Without the constrains of the typical wholesale-retail calendar, we were able to let curiosity take the helm.  Led, as always, by tradition and care, we allowed the creative process to be our guide. Bringing to life the designs that circled in our minds at midnight, forever pieces that hold the power to tell stories bigger than us.


One of the moments closest to my heart this year was certainly marking (and celebrating) our 10th year in business. Over these 10 years we have been honoured through our work to hold a space within some of life’s most intimate exchanges. In nervous questions, asked on bended knee. In memorials. In birthdays. In milestones. In moments of ‘just because’. And each time, from first encounter to final form, we have been the grateful recipients of your trust; distilling your love, elation, heartbreak, and sense memory into physical landmarks and modern heirlooms.  


All in all, we’ve learnt a lot this year. It isn’t always easy, but it’s not always hard, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are very much human, feeling our way through this adventure and never lacking in gratitude for the journey we are on. Simply, it’s so grounding to reminisce about where it all began and if we all have one quiet moment these holidays, I encourage you to do the same – to take a moment to look back at the journey that’s been, and to look forward to all the possibilities of what could be.


But for now, we thank you for your unending support of our collections, our people, our triumphs, our setbacks and our growth. For us, it has always been about love. In its myriad forms and shades, its tender quietness, its fire and fury. We look towards our next 10 years with hope, gratitude, and curiosity. Reaching, as always, for love.


Natalie x