NMJ Lovers | Thomas & Jami

We would like to introduce you to our latest feature couple, Thomas and Jami. They have shared their engagement story with NMJ and a little about their process in creating the perfect engagement ring.


How did you both meet?

Well, we always have a laugh at this question. We have known each other since high school and then reconnected again 6 years ago over some tacos. Time flies!


Share your engagement story?

Jami: Well as a nurse organising time off is super tricky, especially when it comes to a 24/7 rotating roster. I had been working for 11 weekends straight before I was finally able to enjoy a weekend off. We had been counting down to this weekend for ages, and when it finally came I was told to pack a bag for anything. We were hitting the road!

Tom had told me to not worry about a thing and to just focus on getting through my night shifts, he had it all under control – I was relieved. I had full-blown night shift brain and couldn’t be bothered asking a million questions about where we were going. I didn’t have a clue what was ahead, he had our 911 ready to go, breakfast on the Hawksberry River booked in advance and of course the most beautiful Air BnB in Wagstaffe for the weekend.

I had no idea he was going to propose, we had not had a proper weekend together in 11 weeks, we were just excited for overdue “us” time. The breakfast and the Air BnB could have been a dead giveaway but doing something like that is just something Tom would have done for us anyways – He is the most fiercely loving loyal soul you will ever meet. I pinch myself every damn day.

The weekend he planned was laid back and causal. That evening we set off for a stroll as the sun was setting in Wagstaffe surrounded by ocean; we were feeling very loved up and content. We decided to walk up a long pier on the water to watch the sun set (we love watching a good sunset) and of course my feet were boiling hot in my converse so I had to take them off straight away.

I stood up ready to dip my toes in the ocean and there was my handsome, doting man down on one knee asking me to be his wife, with the most vibrant smile holding this beautiful sparkly ring in his hands. The moment was so special, and the rest is history folks.

Thomas: Jami summed up the day perfectly, the lead up is a different story though. A pivotal part of the weekend was the car, our 1977 Porsche 911 — Our dream car. We rescued the little yellow car from under a shed 6 months prior, ever since that I knew it had to be part of the big day. My Dad and I worked on it till the night before THE day. It ran beautifully all weekend, not bad for a 40+ year-old sports car.

I’m so thankful for how it all turned out, it was just one of those perfect days. I’d trade that car in for a time machine any day (thankfully time machines don’t exist).





What does marriage mean to you?

Jami: Marriage is devotion, commitment, adventure, selflessness and a lifetime all kinds of experiences through thick and thin, side by side.

Tom: Bragging rights about locking down the sexiest women ever!!

But in all seriousness, it simply means everything. Jami is so important to me, knowing that I get to have her by my side forever is amazing. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry!


What drew you to Natalie Marie for the design of your engagement piece?

Well, Jami isn’t shy about voicing what she likes, and for years she’s been talking about Natalie’s work. Dropping not-so subtle hints here, there and everywhere haha! Natalie’s work is the perfect blend of simplicity and elegance. And since we’re both less is more type-of people, it was a no brainer.


Tell us about the details of your ring, what was the process like for you? What are your favourite aspects of the piece?

Not only was the process easy, but enjoyable. There’s a lot of pressure associated with picking the right ring, and all that pressure was lifted off my shoulders 5 minutes into my first appointment. I just knew I was in good hands.

I walked in with several options picked from Natalie’s site, but then got shown the one and it changed everything. It needed nothing more and nothing less, simple and sophisticated, like my girl.


And finally...have you made any wedding plans yet?

Nothing planned just yet; we have an epic engagement party on the cards though! We’re talking a big winter BBQ in a garden with music and our nearest and dearest.


Thomas worked with the NMJ bespoke team to create his perfect ring for Jami. For more information on our bespoke process contact the studio here.