NMJ Lovers | Helen and Robert

From their first meeting in 1958 to their sixtieth wedding anniversary celebrations this year, Helen and Robert’s love has evolved through many seasons. When we heard a snippet of their love story in our showroom earlier this year, we knew Helen and Robert's beautiful story was one we had to celebrate and share. When Helen and Robert returned from their anniversary trip to Lord Howe Island (their original honeymoon destination), we asked if we could spend the morning with them. We sat down over a cup of tea to try and capture the essence of their relationship; getting lost in their tales of unconditional love, a shared life, and their enduring commitment to one another.


“My mother played matchmaker and introduced me to Robert. My parents owned a dress shop, and my mother was a customer of Robert’s family business, purchasing her display materials for the shop. Robert worked for his family business, and I worked in a bank – the year before I started nursing – and we would meet for lunch at a coffee shop between our work” – Helen. 

So much of what we do at NMJ is centred around love, and listening to Helen speak about Robert, was such a beautiful reminder of this. Over a cup of tea, which is Robert's speciality, we were lucky enough to hear about how their relationship has unfolded over the years. From Helen's time as a nurse at RNSH, where Robert would pick her up in his "snazzy red MG" because he has always loved his cars, to when they announced their engagement at Robert’s family holiday house opposite the Palm Beach Jetty in December of 1960.

Our visit was complimented with a tour around their house, reminiscing inside the very walls which have seen their children grow up and now their children’s children, and then topped off with a trip down memory lane, flicking through photo albums.  

So many memories were shared, and from just looking at the classically beautiful photos from when they got married at St Andrews in Roseville in 1962, you could really feel the love in the room. We even heard about their life working in the family business together for so many years, how it gave them a common interest and goal to work towards, and how proud they are today to have their three children take over the business. 


Sixty years of marriage is such a milestone, a sign of true love and one we were honoured to mark with two very special NMJ rings. Hoping to find something to pair with a ring she already owned, Helen was thrilled to find that our Diamond Sun Ring and Petite Precious Diamond Solitaire fit perfectly, like they were meant to be. This was a sign that she had found the rings and Robert adored the way they looked, the round and marquise white diamonds shining bright. Robert and Helen said they are “just so special and give them so much pleasure”.Being such a significant time in their lives, they travelled back to Lord Howe Island, a special place to them both to celebrate their anniversary. Robert so beautifully placed Helen's precious NMJ pieces back into the original box he proposed with, a sentimental offering to honour their time together how they have changed, but their love has stayed the same. As Helen said, “we were very fortunate to be on beautiful Lorde Howe Island to celebrate our anniversary, so many wonderful memories to share”.


Helen and Robert shared with us one piece of advice, for those at the beginning of their journey together, which was to ~


"Always value and listen to one another’s opinions, learn how not to agree amicably and always be prepared to say sorry". 

Listening to Helen and Robert in their Whale Beach home was an experience we won’t forget, one we are so grateful for. Helen and Robert’s love is so clearly the kind of love we all dream of; a great love made for the ages. It always has been and always will be our greatest privilege to mark these precious moments, and it is our honour to share with you the love story of Helen and Robert.

Captured by our dear friend and photographer, @tealily 

Helen wears our Petite Precious Diamond Solitaire, Diamond Sun Ring and Leotie Earrings