NMJ Lovers | Isabella and Jake

For Isabella and Jake, after years of friendship they just knew that it was meant to be. Earlier this year at Bendooley Estate in Bowral, Isabella and Jake got to celebrate with a day full of laughter and love, one we are so honoured to be a part of. 

Join us as Isabella and Jake share their favourite moments from their special day, how their love story unfolded and what love means to them. 


Wedding Date: 15/01/2022

Location: Bowral, NSW

Venue: Bendooley Estate ‘the stables’

Dress: New White Bridal

Flowers: @_theapparatus

Graphic designer: @designs.byapril

Makeup: @ashgearinmakeup

Photographers: @holly.blanshard and @_faithbulgin  



Can you tell us a little bit about your love story? Where did it all begin?

I always had my eye on Jake. 5 years ago we met at 17 through ‘friends of friends’ and although the timing wasn’t right then, we created an amazing friendship. Years had passed and at 23 as clique as it sounds the time was right. A couple years later Jake dropped the knee. Getting married was always something we both valued so when it came to the time it was truely a dream come true. 

Jake, tell us about the moment you realised Isabella was the one you wanted to spend the rest of your life with... 

To be fair, the first time I ever met Isabella I knew something was different. She was unlike anyone I have ever met and I instantly knew I was in trouble. To answer the question, straight away.


Where and when did you get married - tell us a little about your day

15/01/2022 at Bendooley Estate south of NSW. We knew we wanted to get married away from our home in Sydney as we loved nothing more than the thought of all our loved ones escaping busy lives to celebrate love. After a year of planning a wedding through peak Covid we made it to our day. We are forever grateful our day landed when restrictions had lifted due to Covid. It was an absolutely stunning day surrounded by loved ones, feasting with a sit down dinner and a night with endless dancing.

Isabella, what is one tip you can give future brides?

Throughout the wedding planning process I stressed and dwelled over Covid taking over my day or an obstacle that would never be resolved……..everything will be resolved! You will get your special day, even if it means things may have to change and that’s ok. 


Tell us about your NMJ rings, what did that process look like? What drew you to Natalie Marie? 

Jake designed my amazing  bespoke engagement piece with Natalie Marie. The ring being an absolute meaningful surprise. Jake worked closely with Natalie Marie's bespoke team to create a piece that meant something to us. The vintage feel to a modern day ring was what made him fall in love with the design. Three stunning diamonds set in unique gold claws, there is honestly nothing to fault. A hidden emerald embedded on the inside of the ring just adds to the unique attention to detail of the design. Jake found the process so seamless and easy when he got his hands on it he felt the love that was put in to making this piece. It has become something we just look at all the time because we are both just in love with it. It felt right to get Jake’s wedding band from NMJ, we got this in store after trying on a few designs, the gold signet was the perfect fit. 


At NMJ, love is at the heart of everything we do is. Tough question, but tell us, what do you know about love? 

For us love is absolute kindness! Although they say times can be though, Promising to one another and treating each other with endless kindness we feel is pure love. 


Captured by ~ @holly.blanshard and @_faithbulgin