NMJ Lovers | Jane

Jewellery is a powerful medium, and for Jane, one particular piece holds special meaning, representing a friendship close to her heart. Having recently lost her beautiful friend to Ovarian Cancer, Jane now navigates the journey of life without her best friend. It has become a step into the unknown, as she embarks on a quest with no map.  Worn in memory of Marisa, Jane’s Signature Solitaire brings her daily strength and reminds her of their unconditional love. This ring has become a daily reminder that her guiding light is looking down upon her.


We spent the morning with Jane at a sentimental spot, where, joined by her daughter for support, she shared the story of her and Marisa’s friendship. The story of a once in a lifetime friendship rooted in love, loyalty, and courage. A reminder that in the face of extremely challenging times, love will live on.Tell us about Marisa? 

Marisa was a warm funny charming lady who was my very best friend. We had so many adventures together. She had the capacity to listen empathically but also help me laugh at myself. She was glamorous and down to earth in one. She fought ovarian cancer for two and a half years but sadly died this year. She was extremely brave and courageous and was mostly concerned about her friends and family rather than herself. We all miss her deeply.


At NMJ, we believe jewellery has the power to bond friendships together for life - and we feel so honoured to have named your piece after such a special person in your life, what does your piece symbolise?

This beautiful ring is perfect. It is described as a playful twist on a classic which is Marisa in one. The mint green sapphire reminds me of the sea, which is what the name Marisa means. I love the piece because it looks different in different lights, sometimes it looks deeply green and at other times it looks very pale and subtle. This reminds me of the unique  complexity and depth to Marisa's character. I stack it with my wedding ring which is also a sentimental piece.  In what ways will you, and her nearest and dearest, continue to honour and celebrate Marisa’s life?

We feel committed to highlighting the terrible silent danger of ovarian cancer. An early detection test must be developed. If it could of been detected earlier like other cancers can maybe she would still be alive. Marisa's death was not very long ago, we are all going through an enormous adjustment process. 


What quote do you live by? 

"What you have experienced no power on earth can take away from you "- Victor Frank. I will always treasure my loving friendship with Marisa x What has you experience of love and loss taught you, that you hope to pass down to your four children.

Life is about enjoyment ... and finding meaning. You must try and appreciate life as you don't know how long you are here or indeed anyone is here. Tell your friends you love them.


If you do one thing today, please go out and learn more about Ovarian Cancer, a silent killer which must have an early detection found. Change the future for all woman by donating to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundationan amazing organisation who are working towards ensuring a future where no woman’s well-being is under threat from ovarian cancer.


Captured by Trish from tealily