NMJ Lovers | Mary and Bridget

For Mary and Bridget it was just meant to be, later connecting the dots that they'd crossed paths many times before meeting through friends. Fast forward a few years, their friendship had blossomed into a relationship and then engagement, which felt as if the stars had aligned. Join us as Mary and Bridget open their hearts, and share with us what they look forward to for the future, and what meaning their special treasures hold. 


Let’s start where it all began, when did you both know it was meant to be?

We were introduced by one of our mutual friends at a birthday party. It was evident to us both that we would remain in each other's lives one way or another. Luckily for us, one of our close friends saw there was a connection and encouraged Mary to introduce herself to Bridget. Fast forward a few years and our friendship had blossomed into a relationship, which then turned into an engagement.

What do you love most about each other?

Mary: Bridget has an incredibly creative mind amongst many other amazing qualities but this in particular allows her to have a unique perspective on life, which I love. Her passion for nature and the environment is also something I strongly admire about her, I always feel lucky when she shares her knowledge about that with me. Ultimately though, it’s her endless support for me and the care she has for all those around her, big and small. Whether it’s the array of plants she has cultivated around our place or the incontestable love she has for our fur baby Bear, who absolutely laps it up.

Bridget: I fell in love with Mary’s ever giving kindness and caring nature. Be it her friends or family, there is nothing she wouldn’t do for someone she cares about. She is sentimental, thoughtfulI and is always there for me providing support and advice. I also love that she makes me laugh like no one else can. Mary is a child at heart, always finding ways to bring a smile to my face and lighten the load. She brings me out of my shell and keeps me grounded in the present moment, always whilst having a little bit of fun along the way.

What are you most looking forward to on your special day? Have you decided on a particular wedding style?

Mary: For me, it’ll be the first look of my wife to be, solidifying every feeling I’ve ever felt towards her. That along with sharing the special day with all of my family and friends is a memory that will last a lifetime. In regards to style, something close to the water…

Bridget: I am most looking forward to standing proudly next to Mary, pronouncing our vows in front of everyone we hold dear to us, and celebrating who we are together and the life we share. Our style of wedding would have to be something that reflects who we are. We both share a love of the water, having many of our dates watching the sunset together. Somewhere by the water is on the cards, with great music and fairy lights. 

At NMJ, we believe designing a forever piece for your partner means conceptualising a design reflective of your love story and the person receiving it. How did you approach design and what role did NMJ play in bringing this to life? 

It was a very special experience to design our rings together. We approached the process by thinking about what styles we individually liked and then how they would work together. I (Bridget) had a clear idea about what I wanted, Mary had a look at a few options before deciding on something that was unique to her.

Bridget: The rings to us both are a sign of commitment shared between us. We wanted our rings to be unique and special to us both, which our bespoke  designer, definitely delivered on. Every time I look at my ring I think of Mary and how lucky I am to be sharing my life with someone as wonderful and loving as her.

Mary: The twist in my ring signifies a couple of different things for me but specifically the night we crossed paths. Funnily enough, Bridget and I had grown up living in the same neighbourhood, sharing childhood friends and even attended the same preschool at one point! We were always in such close proximity to one another for most of our lives but had never met. Until that one night, completely coincidental and not expected but for some reason the universe knew we needed to meet at that point in our lives. 

Captured by @tealily 

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