NMJ Lovers | Vanessa and Colin

We are forever inspired by the imitable power of love, demonstrated time and time again through the stories we are lucky enough to play a part in through our work. To be invited into our clients worlds with trust and confidence during some of life’s most pivotal moments is a true gift. We first met Vanessa and Colin in 2021 when designing their engagement ring, it was then that we heard their story for the first time - a story that reminded us of the infinite value of time spent with those we love. After their engagement celebrations, we spent the afternoon with Vanessa, Colin, and their beautiful son Bobby. The trio welcomed us into their home with open arms and shared lessons, laughs and tales of love.


Navigating the journey of life hasn’t been linear for this family. Each day is a battle as Bobby, their three year old son bravely fights T-Cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Vanessa and Colin have a deep connection and have created a blended family grounded by loyalty and courage. The exceptional love of this family carries them through what are extremely challenging times, demonstrating once again the power and infinite capacity of love. It always has been and always will be our greatest privilege to mark these precious moments, and it is our honour to share the love story of Vanessa and Colin.


Firstly, we’d love to learn more about your love story. Where did it all begin?

Colin and I met over 11 years ago but we both were in different parts of our lives. When we both became single, we connected and the rest is history, we were both lucky to have a second chance on finding love. We have found a connection with each other that we both have never had before. Once our love story began, we have been inseparable since.


What do you love most about your life together today?

Time, our situation has made us realise that there is nothing more precious than time. Spending time as a family and enjoying the simple things. The world is so caught up in having to have new things, the right job, and spending more than spending time with your family. Most people that are coming to the end of their life, always wish they had more time. Especially with our situation with our son Bobby, we try to make the most of every moment.

How did Colin propose to you? What do you remember most about this special moment?

It was Mothers day! Colin and the kids set up a surprise lunch in our garden, he set up a long grazing table with fairy lights, champagne and flowers everywhere. It was very special because the kids were there and were involved. It had been such a hard 7 months as little Bobby has Leukaemia, so just having some happy news is all we needed. 


What have your beautiful children taught you and Colin about love?

We are a blended family, so most importantly patience, trust and honesty. Supporting each other and knowing that we are in love gives them happiness.Aside from eternal love, what does your ring mean to you?

The Ring is absolutely beautiful, Colin and I wanted to do things a little bit differently and design a ring together with the NMJ Bespoke Team, knowing that we could create a piece together that I would wear forever and love. Cementing our love, we can combine our families and make us one.

If you do one thing today, please go out and learn more about T-Cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia, and if you can, please help support Vanessa and Colin’s family by donating here.

Captured by @tealily