A groom and bride walking along a walkway on grass hand in hand with greenery on each side

When you see a wedding on social media that truly takes your breath away, there’s a good chance Georgie Karloci of After The Rock  has had something to do with it.

Never short of advice and inspiration, Georgie is one of Australia’s most established and experienced wedding planners and wedding stylists, having been at the helm of some of the most memorable and magazine-worthy weddings and events.

Owning the roles of master planner, trusted adviser, problem solver, personal stylist and all round confidant, Georgie creates wedding experiences that evoke a sense of awe, using equal parts practicality and artistry.


Georgie’s Secret

Getting to know a couple - and often their families -  and creating something truly unique to them, is why she does what she does. “We need to make sure each wedding is perfect and a true reflection of who they are - and this creates a huge challenge and an even greater reward. It also constantly pushes us creatively and forces us to grow as we learn how to work with a range of expectations,” says Georgie.

A wedding reception set up in a big tent with many people sitting at long tables and colourful flowers as decoration

Envision Your Big Day

There’s a first step to everything, and when considering the first in wedding planning, it should be how you envision your big day, she says. “Ask yourself, what are those elements that people will walk away leaving an impression on them. It’s not always the fireworks or Dom Perignon served. It’s about those moments that unexpectedly take your guests breath away or make them feel they are witnessing something truly heartfelt and special. Create something that is a true reflection of you as a couple,” she says.


Plan in Advance for Your Dream Wedding Venue

Choosing a venue can be one of the biggest (and sometimes) overwhelming decisions to make as a couple, she recommends contacting venues 12 to 18 months out. “Venues can book out very far in advance, as can great key suppliers like photographers and florists. You want to have your first pick of these things for such a special day, and most couples favour a weekend but there are only so many weekends in a year!” she says.

A dining table for a wedding with white table cloths, crystal rocks and champaign glasses and a table flower bouquet

Weddings During and After 2020

The wedding industry has been hit hard in 2020, with so many of their clients having to postpone or change their plans significantly. “We are finding that even if the weddings are smaller in guest numbers, they are still going all out when it comes to special moments, styling, entertainment and wow moments,” she says.

As for her last words of advice:

“You as a couple will set the tone for your wedding. If you look relaxed, everyone will feel relaxed. If you’re having the best day of your life, your guests will feel that and act accordingly. Don’t worry if things don’t go to plan because no one knew the (detailed) plan anyway!”

 A wedding reception organised by After The Rock and set up outdoors with a long white table in the middle and guests sitting on each side of the table raising their glasses

Images provided by @aftertherock