Mae Necklace

$350 AUD
Chain Length:
  • Metal

    Rose Gold

    An alloy of gold and copper, Rose Gold is recognisable for its warm, peach-toned hue that complements a vast range of skin tones and designs. An uniquely coloured metal, existing somewhere between white gold’s stark brilliance and yellow gold’s classicism, Rose Gold is a romantic option for engagement and ceremonial styles.

    The Rose Gold used for our creations is 70 per cent is recycled Australian gold, with 30 per cent newly mined. Of the latter, 86 per cent is confirmed Australian mined, the remaining being blended (used for clasps, earring backs, findings etc).

  • Metal

    Sterling Silver

    Notable for its bright, greyish-white hue, Sterling Silver is an artful blend of silver and other metals, such as copper. A popular entry-level metal for those drawn to a contemporary aesthetic, we harness our 100 per cent recycled Australian Sterling Silver for statement designs, rather than lifetime wear pieces.

    Natalie Marie Jewellery’s Sterling Silver is strictly nickel-free, ensuring it’s suitability for those with nickel allergies or irritations.

  • Metal

    Yellow Gold

    A classic and timeless metal, yellow gold is revered for its rich, vibrant hue. Courtesy of its warm and luxurious appearance, many cultures historically imagined gold to represent the sun, and its durability makes it a preferred material for ceremonial pieces.

    70 per cent of the gold that we use in our creations is recycled Australian gold, with just 30 per cent newly mined. Of the latter figure, 86 per cent is confirmed as Australian mined, and the remaining 14 per cent is blended. We harness this blended portion predominantly for our clasps, earring backs and findings.

Optional Customisations:
Engraving Disc 1
Engraving Disc 2
Engraving Disc 3
Engraving Disc 4
Disc 1 Engraving:


Disc 2 Engraving:


Disc 3 Engraving:


Disc 4 Engraving:


Crafted for you | Estimated dispatch 4-6 weeks

Hand-engraved initial pendant to keep those who mean the most close. Created with your choice of up to four personalised discs with lower case engraving. We recommend a maximum number of four discs to ensure the integrity of the chain. Only one initial may be engraved on each disc.

Tell your story and add to your Mae Pendant overtime. If you wish to purchase an additional disc only, contact our Customer Service team.


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