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Metal: Yellow Gold
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  • Metal

    Yellow Gold

    A classic and timeless metal, yellow gold is revered for its rich, vibrant hue. Courtesy of its warm and luxurious appearance, many cultures historically imagined gold to represent the sun, and its durability makes it a preferred material for ceremonial pieces.

    70 per cent of the gold that we use in our creations is recycled Australian gold, with just 30 per cent newly mined. Of the latter figure, 86 per cent is confirmed as Australian mined, and the remaining 14 per cent is blended. We harness this blended portion predominantly for our clasps, earring backs and findings.

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The Ora Necklace – concepted in collaboration with Brooke Macqueen of Various Friends –  is the perfect talisman to commemorate and celebrate the self, and the passing through formative phases in life, love and time.

The Ora Necklace is available in three chapters that each mirror the phases of the moon. The Dreamer, evocative of the New Moon, symbolises possibility; The Romantic, inspired by the half-moon’s light-dark dichotomy, speaks of introspection and truth; and The Believer, the Full Moon, represents new stories and dreams.

Featuring a hand-rendered articulation process and double axis spinning mechanism, these tactile pieces are crafted to be lifelong companions; reminder of what you have already accomplished and the untold opportunities still to come.

Choose a chapter that resonates with you, click on our Pendant Guide to find out more.

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NMJ x Brooke MacQueen from Various Friends

People inspire our creative process as much as stories, emotions and art do, and we feel privileged to share our NMJ community with so many talented creatives. Such as Brooke Macqueen – a self-described astrologer, sky poet and writer, and the founder of the zodiac-inspired brand Various Friends. In creating our new Ora necklace, drawing upon different phases of the moon, we sought out Brooke’s celestial wisdom and insight and, here, we asked her for more. On our journal, Brooke shares the pivotal role astrology plays in her life, the people guiding her creativity, and the ways in which she relates to the Ora Necklace’s three life phases.


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