Terra Chain Necklace | Fine

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Metal: Yellow Gold
Metal Carat:
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  • Metal

    Yellow Gold

    A classic and timeless metal, yellow gold is revered for its rich, vibrant hue. Courtesy of its warm and luxurious appearance, many cultures historically imagined gold to represent the sun, and its durability makes it a preferred material for ceremonial pieces.

    70 per cent of the gold that we use in our creations is recycled Australian gold, with just 30 per cent newly mined. Of the latter figure, 86 per cent is confirmed as Australian mined, and the remaining 14 per cent is blended. We harness this blended portion predominantly for our clasps, earring backs and findings.

  • Metal

    Rose Gold

    An alloy of gold and copper, Rose Gold is recognisable for its warm, peach-toned hue that complements a vast range of skin tones and designs. An uniquely coloured metal, existing somewhere between white gold’s stark brilliance and yellow gold’s classicism, Rose Gold is a romantic option for engagement and ceremonial styles.

    The Rose Gold used for our creations is 70 per cent is recycled Australian gold, with 30 per cent newly mined. Of the latter, 86 per cent is confirmed Australian mined, the remaining being blended (used for clasps, earring backs, findings etc).

  • Metal

    White Gold

    With its bright, silvery-white, lustrous surface, White Gold is a cherished metal for jewellery and other keepsakes. Created by combining pure gold with other metals, its modern and sophisticated expression wears beautifully across different skin tones.

    70 per cent of the gold that we use is recycled Australian gold, with 30 per cent newly mined. Our White Gold is rhodium plated – an industry-standard process whereby the natural colour of the metal is plated in a thin layer of rhodium (a naturally white metal), to evoke a luxurious hue that is consistent no matter the carat, and is reapplied annually.


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Our Terra Chain echoes Mother Nature’s evolving temperament. Named Terra, after the Latin phrase “Goddess of the earth; the earth itself”, the necklace is unfixed in its nature, an ode to the natural world, making this a time-worn treasure – designed to be worn for days, seasons and years to come.

Call it your own in your selection of bold or fine chain in either 9ct yellow, rose or white gold.

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Celebrating the irregular beauty of the elements

Design inspiration is found in myriad places, and our role as creators is to translate the conceptual into pieces you’ll treasure forever. For our five-piece Terra capsule collection, we looked to Mother Nature as muse.

Echoing the natural world’s evolving temperament, the collection’s name – Terra – derives from the Latin phrase “Goddess of the earth; the earth itself”.An extension of our organic design sensibility, this collection pays homage to the perfect imperfection of the elements; to the natural world’s perpetually shifting, changing and evolving beauty.


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