A (Love) Letter from Natalie

As we prepare to unwind from the year and pause this holiday season, we reflect with immense gratitude on all of the challenging, powerful, beautiful moments we have experienced. It’s through challenging seasons that we foster even more awareness and gratitude for the consistent anchor which is our community. We are deeply humbled and inspired by the continued support of our beautifully diverse and connected NM family. Our commitment to this family is what drives us to navigate change with grace and prioritise responsibility and integrity in all we do.  

The last year has been a year of great learning and reevaluation. With intention at the helm, we have taken the opportunity of extended lockdowns and retail restrictions to reflect inward. What has resulted is a renewed sense of energy and alignment to our purpose. 

The seeds which were planted during this season of reflection will start to bloom as we step into 2022, and we are so excited to have you on this journey with us. A journey which sees us deeply connected to our purpose, considered in our pace and vision, and aligned in every way to our core ethos.

We asked our team to share with us their word for 2022, a mindful exercise in contemplation and intention. What is your word for 2022? 


My word for next year is intention. A sentiment I hope to embody in all that I engage with, from making a cup of tea in the morning, to mothering, to creating and designing.


In this season of celebration and joyfulness, we raise our glasses to you, our community. Thank you for your continued faith in us and your generous support. Nothing makes us happier than to hear from you, so please reach out and share your own experiences from this year. Engagements, birthdays, even losses - we create for you, and your experiences with our pieces are of immense value to us.

Natalie x