Ceremonial Reimagined

The beating heart of our conscious brand curation, our Ceremonial range has played an extraordinary role in countless love stories and exchanges of commitment. As a physical expression of our ethos – to celebrate love and its ever changing forms, shades and subtleties – this refreshed collection welcomes new styles alongside treasured favourites (and for the first time: a crown band to fit each engagement ring).

A piece for all stories; a pair for your personal duet. Explore the next chapter of Ceremonial.


Engagement Rings

A conduit for a question; a symbol of forever. Our engagement range is an authentic manifestation of your love stories.


Crown Rings

A piece for all stories; a pair for your personal duet. Our crown wedding rings have been designed across four sizes to allow for the perfect, custom fit based on your engagement ring style.


Diamond Ceremonial

Eternal bonds, symbolic of vows taken. Wedding bands are gestures of forever, exchanged in harmony with the one you love. Discover our Diamond edit.

All I have is yours.
All you see is ours.


Milestone Markers

Imbue your ring with milestone markers through our custom personalisation services. Allow us to engrave your piece with a special date – such as the day you met, or your wedding anniversary – a nickname or secret love note, or keep your partner close by adding their birthstone to a hidden place on your design. 


Ceremonial for Him

Design-forward creations and classic renderings shape this collection of men’s Ceremonial bands. For the ultimate gesture of forever.


Gender Neutral Ceremonial

Love cannot be confined to a framework or equation. For this collection, as in love, the scope of possibilities are endless.


Client Stories

We would be nothing without the support of our passionate, unique community. Their personal stories - the reasons our customers buy from us - shape the essence of our brand.


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