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Vega Loop Studs | Ready to Ship

$1,500 AUD
Metal: Yellow Gold
Metal Carat:
  • Metal

    Yellow Gold

    A classic and timeless metal, yellow gold is revered for its rich, vibrant hue. Courtesy of its warm and luxurious appearance, many cultures historically imagined gold to represent the sun, and its durability makes it a preferred material for ceremonial pieces.

    70 per cent of the gold that we use in our creations is recycled Australian gold, with just 30 per cent newly mined. Of the latter figure, 86 per cent is confirmed as Australian mined, and the remaining 14 per cent is blended. We harness this blended portion predominantly for our clasps, earring backs and findings.

  • Stone

    White Diamond

    COLOUR: White
    REPRESENTS: Inner Strength, Clarity & Everlasting Love

    Regarded as the world’s most sought-after gemstone, Diamond is a mineral that is formed deep within the earth’s crust and is one of the hardest substances known to humankind, making it a historically popular choice for everyday wear, and engagement and ceremonial jewellery. Renowned for their brilliance, fire, and durability, Diamonds are celebrated as the stone of love, embodying everlasting affection, friendship, purity and inner strength.

  • Stone


    COLOUR: Pale, Light Blue
    REPRESENTS: Truth, Nobility & Faithfulness

    September’s birthstone, Sapphire, is one of the world’s most popular gemstones; sought out for its signature blue hue (though it can be found in other colors such as pink, yellow, and green). A variety of the mineral corundum, Sapphire’s extreme durability (second only to diamonds) makes it a long-lasting gemstone believed to promote wisdom, truth, and spiritual insight. Symbolising nobility and faithfulness, Sapphires have been historically favoured by royalty.

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Two marquise cut white diamonds are paired with round cut white diamonds and embellished with our signature dot detailing and fine drop chains. Romantic elements to bring meaning to your everyday.

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