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With flagship stores throughout Australia and New Zealand, we are so proud to have Assembly Label as part of the NMJ family. Our signature collections are brought to life amongst the modern and minimalist in-store aesthetics that so effortlessly epitomises the Assembly Label brand ethos.

Free from complexity, favouring relentless quality and refined simplicity, Assembly Label embodies a relaxed coastal aesthetic with ease. Considered and timeless designs transcend from season to season, reflective of the modern Australian lifestyle that we all know and love. We spoke to co-founder Damien Horan at Assembly Label to find out how the brand came to be, why NMJ resonates with Assembly Label, the brand’s commitment to sustainability and how they’re navigating the ever-changing times we’re in.


NMJ: We have customers and followers from all over the world. As an Australian brand, can you tell our audience a little bit about the Assembly Label brand ethos and how the brand came to be?

Damien: Assembly Label was created for relaxed coastal living, embodying a modern Australian lifestyle whilst maintaining a focus on refined, minimal design. This filters through every aspect of our business, from our core apparel offering, to the environment in our stores, to the brands that we choose to partner with.


NMJ: We love that Assembly Label is an ode to relaxed coastal living in the realm of simplicity. Can you tell us how this philosophy transcends to purposeful wardrobe essentials?

D: Our clothing is refined and conscious. We like to think each garment serves a meaningful purpose and has a value beyond the aesthetic. It’s our goal to make clothing of a high quality and a timeless appeal, so it stays in the wardrobes of our customers for years to come.


NMJ: Aside from creating purposeful wares that are designed for everyday living, you have successfully integrated like-minded brands and people into the brand. How important is it for you to resonate with your community beyond the product itself and how do you do this?

D: We have spent a lot of time over the years searching for brands and collections that complement our ethos and style. Our consumer is intelligent, mindful, and has a clear sense of the Assembly Label lifestyle so it’s important that we present them with products we know they’ll love.

NMJ: Our brand is based on love, connection, and sentiment. Why do you think NMJ resonates with your customers?

D: Natalie Marie Jewellery is a great example of finding beauty and elegance in simplicity. The refined, understated designs are the perfect accessory for modern pared-back dressing.


NMJ: What NMJ piece has had the most demand in your stores and why do you think that is?

D: The most popular Natalie Marie piece with our audience has been the Organic Band. It’s an elegant design with timeless appeal that speaks to a wide customer base.


NMJ: If an Assembly Label customer asked about NMJ, how would you describe the brand and its connection to your wares?

D: We would describe NMJ as bespoke jewellery, handcrafted with love and care. Forever pieces that elevate your everyday look.


NMJ: We believe that owning a brand comes with a responsibility to exemplify a commitment to change when it comes to sustainable initiatives and ethical practices. As a connection to the environment remains at the core of your brand, what are you doing as a business to have less of an impact on the world we live in?

D: We are incredibly conscious of our environmental footprint, both as individuals and as a collective Assembly Label community. We are heading towards a circular business, with actions in place to reduce waste and manufacture high quality, ethically produced garments that are indispensable, remaining an essential piece in our customers lives for years to come. We are excited to partner exclusively with accredited suppliers and assist in getting all partnerships accredited in the near future. Heightened recycling and sustainable materials are currently being actioned across our head office and retail stores, and ultimately, we are aware of our responsibility and opportunity to affect change and conduct ethical practices. We are extremely proud of our fund raising and awareness for charitable causes such as The Curing Homesick foundation, The Red Cross, The Smith Family and The Marine Conservation Society.


NMJ: It's been a tough first half of 2020. As a business that upholds a loyal community, how are you navigating the year and remaining positive during such monumental times?

D: As a global community, we have experienced – and are continuing to experience – completely unprecedented circumstances. We have definitely felt a strain, as I’m sure every business has done during this uncertain time, but ultimately what we have seen is an amazing uplift in community spirit and care for one another. Keeping these two pillars at the core of every decision we have made over the last few months has enabled us to keep our amazing team working, our online store functioning and more recently, allowed us to the open the doors to our retail stores with increased health and safety measures.


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